Thursday, July 10, 2008

Already planning my trip to Ghana - July 10, 2008

Now that we’ve connected with Ghana, I’m starting to plan. The most fun of all for me. I just love to plan trips. I honestly think that I should have been a travel agent.

With the help of my friend, Google, I searched for airports in Ghana. To my surprise there is only one airport in the whole Country that has a paved landing strip. It’s Ghana’s capital “Accra”. I sort of got scared. I just cannot imagine Victor and I arriving in a foreign Country on a graveled airstrip. Victor would just not make it. I immediately called Aeroplan to see how far I can get… to my surprise, I already have enough for one ticket.

I tell ya, shopping will get you places LOL! The more you spend, the more you accumulate miles…

Our areroplan miles will get us exactly where we need to go and even better, it’s the airport with the paved strip. Hahaha!

130,000 miles needed

Frankfurt, Germany – Accra, Ghana
Moncton – Montreal
Montreal – Frankfurt, Germany

I also did some searched on Trip Advisor to find a hotel in Accra.

Here are a few hotels that I found:

Golden Tulip
Labadi Beach Hotel ( rich and nice looking hotel)
Sangri –La
Afia African Village
Akwaaba Guest House Beach Resort ( Very nice and cosy)

After reading lots from trip advisor, I was going with the Akwaaba Guest House. It was really a nice, quiet place. I think we could experience the true culture of Ghana and eat some home cook meals, however I read on the site that all the beds are equipped with mosquito nets. I’m not too sure anymore if I could go with that. We’ll see. We have a long journey ahead of us.

Labadi Beach Hotel

Akwaaba Guest House Beach Resort