Friday, May 29, 2009

A week in Sylvie's life

My week started off such on the wrong track and ended on a good note! With everything going on with the adoption process, work life is not much better. Thank god that my life at home is great! To start off with the adoption part, I am thanking Pastor Deb for staying in Ghana for another week to try and get documentation from Social Welfare that the Hands of Mercy Orphanage is indeed fully operational. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank her. She is doing a difference in the world that means the world to me. I wish I had the courage and guts to do something like her.
I took Wednesday off work to go to my Naturopath in Saint-John, NB, about 1:30 drive from home. When I got back, I was so relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon cooking organic/Veggie meals. I had an awesome time in my kitchen. I was following recipes from a cookbook that one of my friends gave me. At the end of the afternoon, I was even making recipes for home made facial toner, moisturizers. I realized at that moment that life is surely not about work. I was having the time of my life alone in my kitchen with my dogs. I am thinking now that I will be taking days like this more often. It is good for my mind.
Friday, had to go back to work. Did not really have it in me so decided to make an appointment downstairs and go to the hairdresser. I told her to cut my hair and change the color. Well indeed did she listen to me. I can still remember the noise that the scissors made when she took out the big chuck Ikes!!! I walked back upstairs to work and felt like a totally new person. What an awesome feeling. I will post a picture of my new look sometimes this weekend. I am presently outside on the picnic table at 9:02 pm and not looking that great. I just came back from a walk with the dogs. Oh yes, I now just remembered why I started writing a new blog tonight. After supper, Victor, Nicole and I were having a discussion about the adoption and I told them that it’s now looking towards that I (we) would have to stay in Ghana for 90 days. They just looked at me with a funny face and did not know what to say. I told them straight forward that if that was the case, I was ready to go and would deal with it one way or the other. I know that this really not like me, but I would do anything at this point to get Kyanna home with us. I am totally seeing this as a great experience and will be grateful at the end that I did it. So here comes the funny part. Nicole said, ya really, you would leave Sam and George (my dogs) for 3 months? I said yes while looking at them straight in the eyes and told them that mommy was leaving for Africa for 3 months. They immediately jumped on the chair were I was sitting and just stared at me and stayed comely on the chair with me, meaning that they didn’t want me to leave. It was hilarious!!! I can’t imagine shipping my dogs to Africa so I guess they will have to stay home and wait for me. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Praying for Kyanna

From what I can understand, God is there to help us out. If we talk to him, he listens. Well I’m talking from the bottom of my heart right now. I hope that God is listening right now and he can get the Canadian High Commission in Ghana to talk with the Director of Hands of Mercy. If everyone can pray for this to happen, the adoption process can continue. Like Elaine said in her email today, documentation is slower in Africa than here in Canada. There is nothing more that I want right now, than having that phone call for our referral. If I continue to believe that it will happen, my angles will move things around for me and make it a dream come true for me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not so ordinary day

This morning was not like any other morning. One thing that is the same, I had an extremely hard time to get out of bed hahah! Victor starts to tell me what time it is around 6AM but I can’t manage to get out of bed until 6:30, however this morning; I was bringing George to the vet to get spayed so I was able to sleep in till 7:30 :)
Once I got up, the plan was to bring George with me to drop her off at the vet and Sam would stay home. Well I had tears in my eyes, while I was walking out the door with George and Sam was just looking at us thinking, what did I do wrong? Why do I have to stay and she gets to go in the car? I managed to drive up to the main road and took out my cell and called my husband to see if he could bring Sam with him today to work. Having a dear husband that loves animals as much as I do, he did not hesitate one second and told me to bring her to Shediac. I did a u-turn all excited and came to get Sam. Once at the vet, my heart broke again when the vet tech took her by the leash and she did not want to follow her. She was looking back at me and was shaking. I had to take her and walk her in the back in a kennel, which she was never in before. What a morning. I cannot imagine what I will be like when we have our baby girl and she needs to see a doctor. I am going to go out of my mind.
While I was preoccupied at work, worrying about Sam and George, I had received an email from Imagine Adoption. Like usual, I stop breathing for a few seconds and then I make sure that I am alone to read the email incase I freak out. That email was really encouraging.
They said that Pastor Deb, who is the Director of the Orphanage met with the Dept of Social Welfare and it went well. They are going to have a part-time social worker for the dept. of Social Welfare assisting them to work on the adoption files. This is really good news. They said the children at the orphanage were doing really well and they were all happy. The only thing left to do before our file can be processed again is having the lawyer of Hands of Mercy (Orphanage) meet with the High Commission. They were not able to have a meeting yet, however they are working on it.
So everyone out there that are helping us with good thoughts and prayer, please continue because it is working.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The unknown is not that bad anymore

Well it’s been 3 weeks now, got nothing but 2 emails from Imagine saying that meetings are being held and things are going smoothly so far. It’s really frustrating but then again, what the F*%k can you do!!! On other topics, life is chaos at work right now. It’s like waking up one morning and we have to drive on the other side of a car like in Europe. I guess I just have to adjust and crash a few times on the way to my comfort zone. It seems that each day brings me a new obstacle and I have to defeat it. I am so use to the hurt now that I became a stronger person and I’m no longer sweating the small stuff.

I started reading more at night instead of staring at the TV and not even listening to the shows :) The last book I read was an interesting book that explains the perceptions of why you are where you are in life… Basically what our purpose is on earth. The book I read was ' The Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield. I think the book made me realize that no matter how angry and how many sleepless night I have in regards to the adoption, whatever is meant to happened will happened. The book talks about COINSIDENCES. Every time I get a weird feeling that the adoption process will not work out, the song, AFRICA by Carl Wolf plays on the radio. If you read the book, you will know that there are no such things as a coincidence. It’s all meant to be :). Kind of weird stuff but I believe in it.
Anyways, it’s the May long weekend and I think I will go outside and hopefully someone will appear in my driveway and help me do some gardening. LOL!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My own theory

I actually have another theory of why this might all be happening to me. Before the news from Imagine last Friday I was constantly dealing with the pain of missing my dad. Since Friday, the pain of not having Kyanna kind of got on top. I am still thinking of my dad, but in a different way. I am thinking of him and asking him to help me in the situation that I’m in right now. Maybe I needed something really big to distract me and then when Imagine sends us the email that the program is back on track, I will be SUPER excited and will have no more pain. We’ll be able to continue our journey and plan our trip to Ghana.