Monday, January 24, 2011

Nice Winter Weekend!

Saturday was Victor’s Birthday. We celeberated by first going out for a couples body truffle massage. It was amazing! We then met Nicole and Renée and Chris for supper at Pisces. Had the famous muscles followed by a hazelnut cheesecake! Yum Yum I guess that was sort of my cheat meal (not being healthy). I was worth it.

Sunday, our friends came over for cake. Victor’s sister makes a cake to each member of the family at their birthdays. I didn’t want Victor to eat it all so I had people over LOL! Honestly, I’m not that cruel hahah! Anyways, I received a text from my step daughter that was upstairs in her apartment asking me if I wanted to come up and watch “Step Mom” with her. I told her that I would as soon as our friends left. If you have seen the movie before, all I can say is that it’s sort of the story of our family in a nut shell! So basically we cried and cried until the end of the movie. It was very touching for me that she asked me to watch it with her. I love her very much!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A week ago, I started juicing. I love it! I honestly thought it would be disgusting to the task but I add some oranges, apples to give it a sweet taste and it's Yummy! I am surprised that even Victor likes them. We've been drinking a glass every morning. I hope I can keep my motivation and do them every morning. It requires some preparation; however, I wash, clean and cut my veggies and fruits and store them in containers in the fridge so they are ready to be used. The down fall off all this is washing the juicer after. It makes a mess, but it's worth it because I am convinced that we are boosting our immune system and we won't get sick this winter. So far, Victor has been following Dr. Gleixner's recommendation (Naturopath) and he has not felt under the weather this winter yet. Victor's immune system is normally low this time of the year. This year; he got no sign of runny nose, or flu type symptoms. I've been boosting him up with probiotics and vitamins and now he is getting his veggies each morning. I will prove (to myself) that natural (whole food) and medicine is better than processed food and traditional medicine.

I don't really have a recipe but this is what I normally juice in the morning.






Swiss Chard



Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year...Sylvie is on to somthing new

I don’t post much lately because I just don’t have any adoption news to report. Instead of posting just to say that I don’t have any news and that I am anxious to get my referral... I decided to start 2011 doing things that I enjoy. So you will be hearing lots about my NEW THING that I am starting. I started to see a Naturopath last summer. I didn’t start to see him because I had a problem; I am going to see him for prevention. Instead of treating disease, I decided to prevent them by changing my lifestyle. This is a choice that we all have and I decided to act on it! On my first visit, he asked me all sorts of questions... and one of them I explained to him that I had the winter blues ever January and the only cure for that DISEASE was to go down south LOL! He laughs but had another solution for me. He told me that I had to start doing things that I like. Things that makes Sylvie happy. It honestly took me some time to figure it out but when the light bulb turned on... man did I find lots of things that make me happy.  I had started sprouting awhile back and am still enjoying it. Now that I am considering myself a Health Freak LOL! I am always asking questions on nutrition to my cousin Margo that took a course through Canada School of Natural Nutritionist called Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I recently realized that I needed something to do this winter that would keep my blues away. I decided that instead of always asking her 20 questions about nutrition every time I see her, I should take the course myself. I just enrolled with CSNN (Canada School of Natural Nutrition) distance program of Holistic Nutritionist. I am so happy! This is going to keep me busy for probably 2 years now. Never mind the winter blues,