Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warm welcome at Daycare!

Being an over protective mommy, I decided to spend a few hours a week at daycare with Kyanne so she would get used to the environment and new faces. She absolutely loves it. After a few times staying with her to play, I told her that mommy was going to work. She did not like it at first, however it did not take her long to get distracted with all the fun stuff. I walked up the car and stayed there for a few minutes and came back to see her. I heard her screaming “Mommy” with a big smile on her face. She understood that mommy had gone to work and came back to get her. All week we’ve been practicing saying mommy is going to work and then Kyanne says” After Kyanne”. She is so smart!!! It helps that Renée is working at the daycare for the summer. J

Tuesday, after her nap, Kyanne was not herself. When I picked her up to cuddle I found she was very warm. She has a fever. Mommy decided to change the past of the day and we relaxed on the patio in the shade while Kyanne slept all afternoon and evening. Poor girl was not feeling good. Like always, when she’s not feeling good, she wants mommy to stay by her side. I took out my new book and stayed on the patio couch with her all day.

2 nights after, Kyanne was feeling restless during the night. Nothing I could do would make her comfortable. I soon realized she got her initiation of daycare. She had hand, mouth and foot disease. I guess it was going around at daycare so my little girl got her fist disease. Not too impress, but what can I do??? I am scheduled to go back to work September 10th. I decided to go earlier than expected. If I would have stayed till the end of November, it would be a huge pay cut for the rest of the year. This way, I am only taking 5 weeks extra to enjoy the summer and will start the routine with everyone else in September. That way, we’ll be able to afford more vacation. J

Oh and yes! We had a lovely time in Banff/Calgary!!! Kyanne is such a good traveler. The views of the mountains are just breath taking! Words and pictures cannot describe how beautiful it is out there. Kyanne had a fun meeting uncle Mathieu. She was comfortable with him the minute she saw him. I guess we talked about him enough that she was probably thinking “Finally! I get to meet Mathieu!!!”

Here's the link to our picutres

Other than that, Kyanne is growing so fast. We are enjoying our time together. What I like the most is getting up in the morning with my cup of coffee and relaxing outside in our pajamas on the deck hearing the ocean and the birds tweet.