Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home 1 week already!

Kyanne has been home for a week now. I sometime still think it’s all a dream and then the baby monitor makes me jump and I know it’s all real!

Today I decided it was going to be a stay home day. I needed to cuddle with her and just be with her. I was reading attachment stories last night before I went to bed... don’t know why I did that because felt that I needed to hold her but she was in her crib. It was hard going to bed and thinking that all the pretty smiles and hugs could go away...

When Victor woke up to go to work Kyanne started crying. Instead of going into her room and making her feel comfortable in her crib, I picked her up and brought her in bed with me. That’s where she belongs... with me!

After awhile, I could no longer stay in bed, so I did my exercise by the bed while she was sound asleep with the dogs. It was so cute to watch them all sleep. She woke up around 9. I got her to try boiled eges this morning. For some strange reason, she was only eating the yolk. The egg white was just not cutting it for her. I tried to put peanut butter on the egg white and she just licked the peanut butter. If there is one thing I learn over the past week is when she is no longer hunger, she throws her food on the floor. What a mess.

As soon as we finished eating breakfast, I got her dressed and we went for a long walk on the beach. It was such a beautiful day. I didn’t even have my jacket. It doesn’t seem that in a few days it will be December. I got her out of the stroller and I sat on the sand. She didn’t want to sit or walk. It was still all new to her. I was playing in the sand with my hands and she was pointing. The dogs were just running free, chasing the seagulls and swimming.

By the time I got back home, Kyanne had a napped for half hour at least. When we got in, she was in a cuddly mood. If I got up to go do something, she would follow me and hug me from behind and laugh. I played blocks with her and she wanted to sit on me to play. I guess she could feel that I needed her today. I tried doing the dishes with her in the sling... that was a challenge.

Kyanne made her first batch of muffins for dessert tonight. She helped and did a big mess at the same time. It was fun to watch her try and figure out what to do with the cups and bowls.

Daddy came home from work early today. He has a cold and you know men with colds... they are almost dead LOL! After baking the muffins, I took Kyanne upstairs with daddy and they slept for a good hour for sure. I had time to clean the house, make myself a cup of tea and call Liette. We had a nice chat! I miss her so much. We used to talk and see each other every day at work and now I only email her a few time a day.

This evening, Renée and Chris came over. We decided to take out Kyanne’s braids. I thought we would have to fight with her, however she just let us do it. She was laying on Renée and did not say a work. I washed her hair really good after in the bathtub. She looks so clean now and she looks different. I will try and do something with her hair tomorrow and if I can’t, I’ll put a hat on her head and go find a hairdresser.

So tonight, I put my foot down LOL! I told Victor that I was bringing Kyanne in bed with us and we would put her in her crib later when she is sound asleep. As I am typing, she is sleeping, sucking her thumb and her bum up in the air. Now this is what I call comfort!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the road all day

This morning, cereal, banana and piece of bagel with peanut butter were on the menu. She loved the cereal. She even drank the milk from the bowl when she was done. While I was getting breakfast ready, I was singing and dancing. She was just looking at me with her big beautiful eyes. As soon as I gave her the food, she started signing in her own Creole words I think and swinging her rams in the air. She was laughing so hard that i could see the past of peanut butter all coating her teeth...

I asked her if she wanted milk... since she hasn’t drank any yesterday and she knowted Yes! I decided to change the milk bottle from the sippy cut to the one with the nipple and she smiled and drank it. I was so happy. So now she’s on organic cow milk...  :) I wanted her to drink rice and almond milk but... Kyanne has her own little mind.

We got ready to hit the road before noon and we headed to see my mom and grand-mother. My mom really enjoys her. She cuddles on her and I can tell my mom just loves it. We picked up my aunt as well and went to Institue de Memramcook, where my mom used to work. She wanted to show off Kyanne to the ladies she used to work with. When we got off the elevator to the main floor, a lady ran to us all emotional... It was the social worker that did our home study 3 ½ years ago. She was so happy to me with Kaynne. She didn’t even know want to say. She was just staring at her being so comfortable with me. It was quite the coincidence that I saw her there!!!

On our way back home, we stopped at Sobeys to get a few items. She was singing again in the cart. She was making people laugh.

When we got home, she had a chance to nap twice in the car and then I put her in the stroller so the dogs could go run outside and she fell asleep again. Little princess was wired tonight. The girl I used to car poll with, Debbie and her husband came to visit and she was being a little clown. At one point, she was walking with the little stroller and she tried to do a turn and wiped out LOL! She got up, put the stroller back on track and continued her walk.

This evening, after bath time, Kyanne took both hands towards George. I thought she was going to hit him and she bend down and gave her a big kiss on the nose and laughed. George still does not understand what is going on. They seem to love her, but they don’t understand what is all the foreign talking and crying from time to time. This evening, I tried to get Kyanne to sleep downstairs and she started crying and screaming. Victor came down thinking something was wrong. He took her in his arms and she cuddled on him. Not even 15 minutes later, he put her down in her crib and she did not say a word. What am I doing wrong??? If anyone knows, please tell me your secret. I have no clue why she does not want to fall asleep when I am sitting down or laying down. If I stand up, she will cuddle.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun day!

This morning was the beginning of my time with my precious one!

Kyanne woke up at 10 this morning, she would have slept longer, but I went to check on her and Sam and George beat me to her room and they were already sniffing her through the bars of her crib and she was laughing. It did not take her long to get up and stretch her arms for mommy to take her in her arms.

Breakfast: that was a mess today! I have her plain yogurt and the juice of frozen blueberries. She enjoyed the first few bites until she started making a mess. She had yogurt all over her face. She finished off with a piece of bagel with peanut butter and her favourite banana!

When we were done cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to dress her warm and bring her for a walk on the beach with my off road stroller. We had a bit of a challenge to go down to the beach. We are doing break water in front of our house because the last few storms, we lost lots of land by the ocean. It’s not quite finished but I managed to get us down there. Sam and George felt freedom! They were running like crazy on the beach. Like usual, Kyanne was being quite and was staring at the new scenery. I felt at peace. My babies and I running on the beach at the end of November and it was 15 degrees Celsius. I can’t ask for more! I tried getting Kyanne out of the stroller so she would walk on the sand but she did not want to. I put her back in the stroller and she fell asleep in the bumpy ride.

Kyanne was being her silly self this afternoon. She was running around the kitchen laughing and wanting to play ... catch me!!! She learned to give the dogs a treat. I was afraid she was going to try and eat it but she knew it was for them. Yesterday, she was taping George and I was trying to show her to be gentle and today she was going to hit her again and she smiled and gave her a kiss on the back. She was really proud of herself!

I guess Sam and George are a great help! They were following her and sniffing her bum. I walked up to her and they smelled something alright LOL!

This afternoon, matante Rose and Christine came for a visit. She was shy at first like usual and slowly got used to them. She was tired at that point and I put her to bed for a nap before supper. She cried in my bed for not even 1 minute and then fell asleep on my chest then off to her crib.

By the time Victor came home from work, I had supper all ready for us. I baked some kind of white fish with rice and broccoli. It did not take long for Kyanne to finish her piece of fish. Victor had to give her another piece. She was eating it like there was no tomorrow. I guess we’ll be having fish again.

I don’t know if I should be concerned or not but she did not drink milk today at all. I tried to give her bottle several times and she says no with her head and turns away. She did drink lots of water but no milk. I might try to give it to her in a regular glass tomorrow and her if she will drink it. This evening, Kyanne was a little bit hipper. We played for a long time with her blocks and doing stretches.

I washed her hair this evening. She smells so good! I left her braids. I will decide what to do or who I will go see for help.

When I tried to make her fall asleep, Sam was laying in our bed. As soon as she started crying, he jumped out and went on the couch downstairs. I guess Sam is an old lady now and she needs peace and quiet LOL! I tried to put her in her crib 3 times and she started crying right away. I don’t know if its because she wasn’t tired or if she is just being fussy. I sat down on a stool by her crib and she was holding my finger and watching me. I stayed there till she fell asleep. Good night all! I can feel a busy day ahead.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 4 at home

I had to wake up our princess atb10:45 this am. What a sleeper! I had time to drink a few cups of coffee, clean and do laundry. That girl jus mazes me on her sleep..

Today, we spend the day inside. She played with her toys and made us laugh all day. Janie and Ghislain, her cousins came for visit. Ghislain was really happy to see her.

I enjoyed every moment with her. I still can't believe she's really here. My baby girl is just perfect!

Since we got home. 4 days ago, kyanne did not want to play with her dolls. This evening, I took out a doll with a stroller and she walked carrying the stroller in one hand and dragging the doll by the foot! What a classy girl LOL! By the end of the evening she carried the doll the right way and kissed the doll. It really surprised me because she is not giving us any kisses yet. When someone leaves, she waves bye bye and will sometime blow a kiss in her hand

When we took our bath this evening, she remembered the flute and gave it to me so I. could play some music and she was making her head go to the sound of the music and making her own funny noises. She was having the time of her life! She laughs like there is no tomorrow.

Right after bath time, I decided to take out her toothbrush to see what she would do. I got her to open her mouth and brushed her little white teeth in front and she liked it. When I was done, she took the brush from me and started brushing her own teeth.

She is a really happy girl when she wants to. She only through herself on the floor once and it was right before I put her to bed. She was tired. Because she had slept till almost 11 am, she did not nap today. She did however relaxed in my arms for a good half hour to calm herself so that probably gave her a little boost of energy to last till 8 pm.

Today she got more friendly with Sam and George. She always had a biscuit in her hand and poor Geroge was following her every step she made drawling and hoping to get a piece of the cookie. After a while, she stretched her arm and gave a piece to Sam. When she realized that Sam had the cookie in her mouth, she started laughing.

After day 4, I am starting to get the trick of bed time. This evening, I brought her upstairs and sat down in our bed as she started to cry. I let her cry for 1 minute and again, stretched my arms so she would want to come in my arms and laid down at the same time. If I do it that way, she stops crying and I don’t have to hold her standing up for half hour. I could of put her to bed after 20 minutes as I could tell she was in a deep sleep but I stayed for an hour just to watch her sleep. I am cherishing every single second I have with her.

I am so happy to say that Kyanne is making herself right at home.  I don’t see any signs of fear or discomfort. I am looking forward to tomorrow spending the day alone with her.  We’ll see what’s on the agenda.   

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I’m broke but I won the lottery!

We’ve been home now for 4 days and I have not stopped running around. My house is a mess, I start doing something and can’t finish it but there is one thing that I am sure of... Kyanne is home and I am the happiest mom ever! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all pretty butterflies. I have my challenges but I love every moment of it. While I was in Haiti, I wrote in a journal each day so I could share our story. As soon as I have time to type it up, I will share our experience with all of you. Hopefully I will be getting into a routine next week.

I will give you all a little resumé of our first few days at home:

   Kyanne is everything that I wanted in a daughter, minus the bed time LOL! This evening was the second night that I was able to put her to sleep in my arms and then do the transfer in the crib. I refuse to let her cry going to bed in a crib all by herself. She’s a perfect angel and I will not let her be sad. My arms are tired but it’s worth the pain. Once she stops sucking on her thumb, I know that it’s safe for me to transfer her for a good night sleep.

   She’s a very good eater as well and she especially loves bananas.

   Both my step daughters stayed with me on Thursday and Friday for the transition. I am so blessed to have them. Yesterday we decided to take Kyanne in the car and go grocery shopping. It was a success! She was a bit shy, staring at the items on the shelves. She did so good that we decided to stop at my work so they can meet her. As soon as we stepped foot into the building, everyone stopped to see her. I think Kyanne is doing well with the attachment because she did not want to go with everyone. She was holding her hands up and wanted to be with me. That made mommy feel real good.

   Oh and one thing... Kyanne is totally Daddy’s Girl!!! She loves mommy but you can tell that she feels comfort on daddy in the evenings. She loves to cuddles with him.

   Today, my husband and I left early to go to the farmers market and see my mom with Kyanne, Sam and George. This is what I had been waiting for... doing things as a family. When we got home, I took her outside with her snow suite. She looked like a marshmallow LOL! She could barely walk and all of a sudden, she lost balance and fell front first. She did not hurt herself because she was padded in every angle.

   Since we got home, I’ve been putting on my bathing suit and taking a bath with her. She loves playing in the tub. This is the best part for me. Getting her all clean and putting her in her pyjama. I am not able to cuddle with her just yet on the couch but I know it will come. I am just so grateful that she is able to cuddle with daddy.

   Like our monthly updates stated... When Kyanne is not happy, everyone knows about it. She just stares at you with her big brown/black eyes and just throws herself on the floor and screams. As soon as I pick her up, she is a happy camper. I’m not sure if picking her up is the right thing to do, but I want her to know that she is loved and that’s what I am doing so far.

   Kyanne is what so ever not afraid of the dogs. She talks to them and sings to them. She did not like the liking part at first but she actually puts her foot down and says in a loud voice ‘Hey!’ to them while pointing her finger and they just sit and listen LOL! It’s too funny to watch her.

   I honestly believe that Kyanne has transition quite well into our family. We don’t have a routine established yet so I hope that the transition is going to continue to improve. I am looking forward to next week, everyone is going back to work, except me ( so happy). I will have my alone time with Kyanne and get to know her better.

   She’s been sleeping 12 hrs. I don’t know if it’s a lack of sleep from the orphanage or if it’s really what she was used to sleeping. I guess we’ll see as time goes by.