Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting ready for Summer!!!

So much fun with Théo and his mom Liette. I wish we could be on parental leave until they go to school! I am going to keep on praying that I can stay home for a few more years and who knows... it might come true!!!

 Kyanne and Renée at Chapters having lunch.
Victor is building the play set in the garage and we should have it out by the weekend if it doesn’t rain too much. It will be so much fun this summer when Liette and Théo come for playdates. I had to get Kyanne the swing she loved so much at GLA. I did give in! She always makes a big fuss when she sees that swing, but the swings that came with the set are for older children so I had to get something that she can use now.

I am so happy! Kyanne can now say Sam!!! It actually sounds like San but who cares! We were out on the beach this evening and she was calling the dog’s names to come back. They were running too fast for her. It was so cute to watch her say, San, George, Zack vien ici!!!

Do you think I went overboard with my shopping this afternoon??? I was really just going in for the swing... but I saw the nice cars and kitchen set that she absolutely loves to play with when we go to Chapters for our playdates.

 Théo is showing Kyanne how to be cool!
Kyanne is showing Théo how that big machine works. She knows because Daddy plays with them at work. LOL!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Traveling Buddy!

Kyanne is an awesome traveling buddy. She was just amazing on our trip to Jamaica. I would bring her back in a heartbeat.

Flight was good. Yes she did walk up the isle a few times but she’s a toddler and that’s what they do! She did entertain some of the people on the plane.

The resort was great. We could not ask for nicer weather. It did not rain at all. Kyanne and her cousin Maika got sick the first few days we arrived.  They both had a fever for a few days and stayed pretty mellow. For the people that know me well will know that I would have not been able to stay in my room with a sick baby. I would have had to take good drugs to keep me away from the sun and beach. Good thing my sweet girl is a tough cookie. She slept in her stroller everyday relaxing in the shade. I made sure she was drinking water and had a bit to eat. I could tell that she was not feeling well but she did not complain. All she needed was the comfort of her mommy right beside her all the time. When she was asleep, daddy watched her while I relaxed floating in the ocean. We had a doctor with us who works in ER so I was not too worried being on the beach with a sick girl.  After a few days, she bounced back! I think her fever was a gift for mommy to be able to relax because for the rest of the trip, mommy was running all over the place.

It took her a few days to get used to the sand and ocean. She had to sit on me to play in the sand and gradually she made her way to sit by herself. She enjoyed the pool better. I think it’s because she had a few practice run with her friend Théo.  By the end of the week, she was putting her head in the water.

After dinner, we always made our way to the shows. Kyanne was ruling the dance floor. One time she actually fell asleep dancing. She did not want to stop. It was too funny.

All in all, it was the best vacation! I wish Nicole and Renée would have been there as well but there will be a next time. J

This vacation continued our bonding. I feel so much closer to her now. It’s weird to say but it seems that I know her even more and vice versa.

I posted some pictures on my FB. If some of you cannot view them, let me know.

Since we got back, my baby girl has been sleeping in till 9am. I am so happy! I changed our sleeping arrangements as well. I bring her in our bed again. That’s probably why she stays in bed longer. Daddy even leaves at 6:30 and she does not cry. She falls back asleep and cuddles with me. It’s an amazing feeling when I feel her against me.