Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy post

The last month was pretty hectic. As I had mentioned, my dossier was completed at 98%. The Friday that I could of sent my dossier off in the mail, I panicked and just could not do it. I had a weird feeling that I had to wait. I decided to hold off for the weekend. This was the weekend of Oct 23rd. That weekend, a lot of thinking went on. By the Monday, we had decided to switch Orphanage and go with our first pick (my first pick). How ironic is that... When he started 16 months ago, we went with our second choice, Ghana. Haiti was our first choice. So I guess next time I make a decision and go with my second choice, I will be more firm and not give up and do my possible that the outcome is my first choice. I will not settle for less.

So almost 1 month passed since we switch with GLA. I have completed all the necessary changes for our dossier. That meant, another trip to the doctor, blood work and lawyers office. Victor has been a real trooper this year. For a guy that refused to get blood test done because he was afraid of a needle, he went 3 times just this year for the adoption. I guess he’s going to have stories to tell that little one when she comes home to us. This pass Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009, I got our last paperwork notarized, came home and had more copies done. Now the biggest challenge for me was to get everything in order to mail it out. This is just not my cup of tea. I hate paperwork, but I had to it. I spent the entire evening with the kitchen being a mess, trying to have everything in order to mail out in the morning. I only went to bed at 2:45am. I was exhausted.

Next morning, I headed to FedEx with my box of paper. When I got in the door at FedEx, I explained to the lady that I have a box full of documents that needs to go to Haiti but has to make 5 stops before it get to Haiti. She looked at me in a funny way and I explained to her that I’ve never done this before and I needed help. I stayed there for 1 hr.1/2 and got back to the car with an empty box. MAN... did that ever felt good.
I felt so free. I was so attached to does documents, it wasn’t even funny. I told one of my friends the other day that if someone tried to take my bag/wallet on the street, I would not fight them, I would just let them go. If someone had tried to take my documents out of my hand on the street... I would be sorry for that person at the end because they would of not got away with it. LOL!
So all this to say that my dossier should be with Elaine today in Fredericton. JR from Gentle Path confirmed with me yesterday that they received our package from FedEx and it’s at the next step.

Well folks today is a happy blog post!!!

My Adoption Dossier’s Journey
Future parents - Gentle Path Counselling Services
Gentle Path Counselling Services – Department of Social Development (Fredericton)
Department of Social Development (Fredericton) – Foreign Affairs (Ottawa)
Foreign Affairs (Ottawa) – Haitian Embassy (Ottawa)
Haitian Embassy (Ottawa) – Back to Department of Social Development (Fredericton)
Department of Social Development (Fredericton) – GLA Orphanage

While I am writing this email, I got confirmation that Fredericton received our package. All is good.

This tracking update has been requested by:
Name: Sylvie Cormier
Our records indicate that the following shipment has been delivered:
Ship (P/U) date: Nov 19, 2009
Delivery date: Nov 20, 2009 1:26 PM
Sign for by: C.KOCHANSKI
Delivered to: Receptionist/Front Desk
Service type: FedEx Priority Overnight
Packaging type: FedEx Box
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 10.00 lb.
Special handling/Services: Deliver Weekday