Monday, August 17, 2009

Good, good and good!!!

# 1 GOOD NEWS - Well, we passed our psych. wvaluation with flying colors. Like I had probably stated in one of my first post when we had our original homestudy done. Victor and I always have something to say. When the psychologist was looking at his watch we sort of took the hint that we had said enough. He told us that we seemed to be a very happy couple and were very much ready for this challenge. He said we looked matured and had done our homework. He said he would have our report ready by the end of next week.

#2 GOOD NEWS – When I got home from our psych evaluation, I had an email from Jo Ann saying that they have requested our dossier back from Ghana and she will advise me as soon as they receive it. Thank god! At least our personal information will be back with us.

# 3 GOOD NEWS – This just happened as I was writing the #1 GOOD NEWS. Nicole came back from Saint John with her friend and said I have a gift for you. She said well, actually its yours for now but you will have to give it to someone else soon. I looked at her funny but opened the box quickly. It’s an Angel that says’ Sisters are forever friends’. I almost cried. I gave her a big hug and thanked her. Nicole is so caring and loving. I know that sometimes I think it’s only me waiting for my baby girl to come home but It seems that we are all waiting. That girl is going to have so much love. Xoxo

Night night everyone.

Beautifull day and new week starting

We just finished a beautiful weekend with family and friends to celebrate Aug 15th. Acadian Day! It was wonderful. I hope this week will bring progress to our Haiti adoption. I got an email from Judy on Friday to let me know that all the paperwork had been signed. So all we are waiting for is SW’s call to meet with us for our homestudy update. She should call this week. Other than that, Victor and I are meeting with a psychologist this evening for an evaluation. I hope it goes well. I wanted to call Chris at the orphanage this weekend but realized that this week was family week at the orphanage. I will wait till next week when the families are back home.

I will write again soon to let you know how it went with our psych. Evaluation.

Enjoy the sun!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Confused and don't know where I'm heading

I thought I was in a crossroad a month ago… now I don’t even know where I’m headed. I feel that I am blindfolded and there are more paths that we could potentially take and fall off a cliff! I am scared and don’t know what to think anymore. For a month now, we have been pretty set on Haiti however I haven’t receive any update from Chris at the orphanage. I tried calling there but no answer. I think I will try again tonight.

In the meantime, we received an email saying that there is a lawyer working on our behalf of Ghana adoptive families. He is contacting CIC in Ghana and will try to get concrete answers for us and meeting with the Immigration Minister. This was all last week ( Aug 7th 2009). So now it’s back to being in limbo. Have I just turned to Haiti because I would of not been able to deal with the pain of saying our adoption is over??? Or is it really over with Ghana and I should be concentrating on Haiti? Last week, I contacted JR at Gentle Path and advised him that we didn’t get our meeting for homestudy update yet. He advised me that a paper needed to be signed before we can start our homesudy update and who would of guessed that everyone that can sign the dam paper is on vacation!!! What a surprise! Is all that stall happening so we have a chance to see what will happen to the Ghana program or am I just loosing it…
I am afraid to make a move right now in case I would make the wrong decision. I went for a walk on the beach the other day with the dogs and was praying and talking to my dad. I asked him to give me a sign tonight in my dream that IT WILL HAPPEN and to give me an indication on where to go…When I went to bed, I was not thinking of my little talk with the angels and at 5am, I woke up and I was smiling. I remember being really happy and it sure wasn’t because my 2 dogs had their paws all over me LOL! I was remembering my dream. My dad and I were in our living room at my parents house and we were back 15 years ago about. It was the time I was babysitting a little girl from down home and she used to come over my place. We were all in the living room playing with her, laughing. I just think that he is telling me that I will get my little girl and we will all be happy when it happens. He still didn’t tell me which way to go or what to do. I think this is something that I will have to figure out myself. I think he is trying to make me stronger and help me make my dream come true.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full week without any NEWS…

Well I have absolutely no news to report. Did not get a call last week from either SW to schedule our home study update or Chris, from the orphanage in Haiti. I know I am not a patient girl but I would LOVE to hear a sound 

Chris and Hal, got back to the orphanage after they came home for a visit in the US on Thursday, July 30th. She sent wonderful news files moving along but I haven’t got a reply back from the emails I have sent her. I know they must be so busy but I pray that I do hear from her SOOOON!!!!

Last weekend for a long weekend. NB Day. For the first time ever, I went camping for more than 1 night. We left Friday after work in the Rain, with the car loaded and got back Monday. I had the best time ever. I never would of thought that I could have fun camping. We even brought Sam and George with us. They had a blast swimming in the lake with Dozer. I told Victor that this would be our test to see if I am able to survive the weekend before Kyanna comes along. I think we’ll be able to manage when she arrives.Victor even borrowed his truck to his daughter Renée because they were going camping as well and they needed the truck to fit all their stuff. Do you think dad could say no to his daughter??? I think not so guess who had the small red car to go camping for 3 days and 2 dogs… US, but we had a blast.

It was a team effort trying to put the tarp on top of our tent because it was raining the first day we arrived.

My first time swimming in a lake. Sam and George found it really cool that they could actually drink the water.

My baby girls were tired after a long day at the lake.

I guess this is all part of the camping adventure… I will bring rubber boots next time LOL!

Felt my dad’s presence that morning when I saw the train. I miss him dearly xoxo.

Angele... I am very happy that you are writing a new blog. I can’t wait to follow your stories.