Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So are the terrible 2zzzzzzzzzzzzz not wanting to sleep?????????

Kyanne has decided she no longer wants to nap and sleep at night. Last night it was another 1 hr ½ upstairs. I had decided that I was not going to sleep with her last night. I stayed by her bed after we read her story and to my surprise; she did not like the idea. At one point I even left her room and went to take a shower to calm down. She cried and cried while I was by her bed. I think it’s going to be a rough week but I have to do it. The rest of our time together, she’s the best little girl a mother could possibly have. I guess we just have to get through this week and see how it will turn out.

Right now, It’s 1pm and I’ve been trying to get her to nap for the past half hour. Usually, nap time, I just get her all comfortable on the couch upstairs and I go in my room and sing. Today is a different story. I even put the gate so she could not come downstairs and she managed to get down. It’s a nice day and I am not wasting it on waiting for her to sleep. If she does not fall asleep in the next 15 minutes, baby girl is going to be tired tonight and she’ll be in bed early. I am not wasting my energy on waiting! Thank god we had a good morning on the beach. We did some yoga for a good half hour and played in the sand. I love our beach time with the dogs in the morning. It’s such a peaceful time for me. I am very grateful for my family!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Adoption Pool Party

Yesterday we attended the annually adoption pool party at Mary,  one of the mommy group’s home. This was our first time over and we absolutely had a great time. It was fun to see all the families together having a good time. Kyanne loved being in the pool, however we had to get her out because she was cold and did not realize it hahah!

Bed time routine is getting worst!

This was writing last Thursday...As I’m writing right now, I am hiding in my closet LOL! Today was a big day for Kyanne. I sent her to daycare for half a day and now I am getting daddy to put her down for bed. I love spending my time with her so much but I know it’s for her own good. All I can hear right now is “’MAMA... MAMA MAMA MAMA!!!!” I feel like running to her but she’s with her daddy. I know he can handle it... I just didn’t give him the chance to try! I can hear him reading her a story. Hopefully she will fall asleep.

Daycare was a breeze. I know Renée is there but she told me she got the other worker to change her diaper, wash her hands... and she did well. She stayed for the sieste and slept for more than an hour. Wow!!!

The last couple of days, we spent them with Liette and Théo. We had a great time at the beach. We are very fortunate that they both love the beach.

Now we are Monday, July 9th and to finish my story, daddy was not able to make her fall asleep. I could re-phrase that and say that mommy could no longer listen to her baby crying out “mama, I want mama’! I had tears rolling down my face. I walked into her room and she gave me the biggest ever. I guess I set myself in my own trap. How do I break it off now???

Last night when I came downstairs after I had put her to bed, Victor and I talked and realized that the sleeping arrangement is not getting any better. It now takes me 1 hr ½ to make her fall asleep. I honestly don’t know if I can do it. I don’t think I have the heart to listen to her cry for me. I was not even able to go walk the dogs last night without her crying for me.

I’ll report tonight how it’s going to go! I might get the courage to try and get her to fall asleep alone. L