Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So are the terrible 2zzzzzzzzzzzzz not wanting to sleep?????????

Kyanne has decided she no longer wants to nap and sleep at night. Last night it was another 1 hr ½ upstairs. I had decided that I was not going to sleep with her last night. I stayed by her bed after we read her story and to my surprise; she did not like the idea. At one point I even left her room and went to take a shower to calm down. She cried and cried while I was by her bed. I think it’s going to be a rough week but I have to do it. The rest of our time together, she’s the best little girl a mother could possibly have. I guess we just have to get through this week and see how it will turn out.

Right now, It’s 1pm and I’ve been trying to get her to nap for the past half hour. Usually, nap time, I just get her all comfortable on the couch upstairs and I go in my room and sing. Today is a different story. I even put the gate so she could not come downstairs and she managed to get down. It’s a nice day and I am not wasting it on waiting for her to sleep. If she does not fall asleep in the next 15 minutes, baby girl is going to be tired tonight and she’ll be in bed early. I am not wasting my energy on waiting! Thank god we had a good morning on the beach. We did some yoga for a good half hour and played in the sand. I love our beach time with the dogs in the morning. It’s such a peaceful time for me. I am very grateful for my family!!!

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Joy said...

Hmm, my 27-month old, who has always been quite good about going to bed, has recently started screaming and wailing, saying "I don't want to sleep", etc. We have actually laid down beside her a few times, and once I got her up for a while and tried to put her to bed again later. Another night she ended up in our bed. I have been a bit flexible, because I still wonder about attachment needs, and am hoping that if she learns she can trust us to comfort her when she feels she needs it, that she will start relaxing enough to go to bed on her own again soon. A couple of times it has worked to tell her that she can sit up and look at a few books, which has allowed me to leave the room (although she has stayed up a bit late then). She still needs nap, too (gets sleepy and crabby if not), and has been ok about continuing those. I have wondered if she is starting to develop fears of the dark, or has been having scary dreams...so far, it's hard to tell. Hope your sleep issues resolve, too!