Thursday, September 17, 2009

Other things happening in my life other that our adoption news

Tomorrow, Friday Sept 18th, 2009, we are having a guy name David Ng catering for us. A 5 course meal at my sister in laws place. We are 10 couples. I think we are going to have a good time. This guy does not only cook but he entertains at the same time. Victor and I had an evening with him this summer at a wedding and we had a blast. I’ve been looking forward for this eveing in a long time.

Next weekend, Victor and I are flying to Montreal for the weekend to see a couple that we met 5 years ago when we were in Miami before our Cruise. We stayed in touch ever since however we never seen each other again. They are having a party the Sat, Sept 25th and we are going to celebrate both their Birthdays with them. I cant wait to see them. I think It will be fun to get out of the routine. After I get back from our weekend get away, I will be leaving Oct 5th for Ottawa for work. I don’t know why but I asume that I am trying to make plans ahead of time so that I have things to look forward to and not think about the adoption so much. I’ve always been a planner so as long as I can have something to plan, search on google, I am good to go. One other thing that I am in the works of planing is a get away week down south before Christams with my dear husband. I’ve been trying to plan to go to Haiti to do volunary work but it doesn seem to be working out as fast as I want it to go. I will wait till I can speak to Chris when she’s in the States during Christmas and see if I can arrange something then. So plan, plan, plan… its keeping me busy.

I’m sitting in our bedroom writing my blog at 10:30pm because I had an extra coffee at work today and that’s what happens. I just cant sleep. I am watching old episodes of Friends. I don’t think I will ever stop watching them. I can still remember my week in the hospital with my dad. That’s all we watched. We knew what was going to happen but we still managed to laugh. We were both sitting in chairs and complaining that the TV was too high and our necks hurted becaue we were uncomfotable.

Before I started witing my blog tonight, I called my mom and her friend from Halifax answerd. She came down to visit my mom. She told me they were having a good time. She said they stayed up till 3 am last night to talk about their younger days and listening to old music. When my mom took the phone, she was laughing and I could tell she was having fun. I haven’t honeslty seen her so full of good energy in such a long time. It made me feel so good knowing she was having a good time. I think her friend’s visit is going to do her good.

Good night all!

A few updates on our adoption

A few updates on our adoption process this week. I met with Cindy to review our home study update and everything was ok. I mailed it express to Gentle Path in S.J. for Judy to sign it off. Doing what I said I would start doing… trying to get my mind off the adoption and to my surprise, I answerd the phone yesterday at work and it was Judy. She said our homestudy had been approved and she was sending the package back to us including our medicals, criminal checks to have notarize by our lawyer. I asked her once we have everything signed by our laywer what we had to do. She said we have to get the whole package weight at the post office and have the courrier envelop ready for Haiti. We will be sending the package to Elaine in Frederiction and she is responsible to send it to Haiti. I asked her at what point our dossier was being approved in Ottawa and she said it was not going to Ottawa. Hummmm…. When we got our dossier ready for Ghana, Imagine had to get it approved in Ottawa before sending it to the Country. Anyways, I will try to find out what is going on.
In the mean time, my friend Melanie is translating our original homestudy and the updated version. We need to have everything in french before we have our lawyer notarize our documents. If I can get the translation ready for the end of next week, Sept 25th, I will be able to send our files to our lawyer the following week, Sept 28th and send the package to Elaine by Friday Oct 2nd. I hope this can all workout because I will be in Ottawa the week of Oct 5-9th. If Icant have it all done, well it will have to wait till I am back. It probably wont make a difference. I would just like to have the whole thing sent to Haiti and be able to relax.
Well I guess you will hear all about it in a few weeks to see if I was able to stick to my schedule… Stay Tuned!!!

Oh and almost forgot, we actually changed the age on our homestudy update to less than 3 years at time of match instead of 18 month. I Think I just don’t want to get in a situation that they cannot find a healty baby girl and we would have to get Cindy to come back to make a change on our homestudy. They orphanage knows that we want a baby girl young as possible so I am leaving it up to faith to bring us the child that is meant for our family. I know that she will be so special and I just cant wait to hold her in my arms.

Weird thoughts have been going through my head in the pass few weeks. When we were waiting for our referral from Ghana, I felt 100% ready to be a mommy. With everything that has happen this summer with Imagine and the switch and starting over the paper work, I am feeling sorth of nervous. I don’t know if its becaue I know that Haiti is really going to happen and I could potentially get the call or email anytime. That said, it will be the moment that I have been waiting for. At that moment, I will become a MOMMY! Now how excitting is that going to be. I think I’ve been feeling that way becaue I am following my friend Angele’s blog. She’s pregnant and is expecting around Christmas time. Everytime I read her updates, I feel such joy, knowing she is enjoying every moment of her pregnancy. She is making it sound so real for me  Can’t wait to meet that precisou little guy!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer is all over

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I think I’m at the point that I am trying to forget all that is going on and hoping that a surprise will eventually come. Lots have happen since I blogged that I can actually update you on.
Cindy came back for our homesetudy update. I was sick as a dog. I had not gone to work for a few days. It’s funny how I was not stressed at all for the visit this time. Trust me; I did not clean the light bulbs this time. I actually didn’t even vacuum hahaha. Apart from that I have gathered up all the documents we need for Haiti.

I attempted to call the orphanage a few times and was successful at the end but it’s still really frustrating to call Haiti. You can hardly hear. Static, it cuts the line and you miss half of the sentence. Chris basically told me (what I think I heard) is that we are next on the list for a baby girl. She said a young pregnant lady came by and said she wanted to give away her baby. Chris said they will be doing an ultra sound and if it’s a girl, it could potentially be our match. I am not getting too excited but at least it’s a possibility. I wish I could just fly there and see what is going on but they just don’t email me back with the info that I am asking about doing voluntary work. If I don’t she hear back from them before Christmas, I will call them when they are in Ohio from Christmas Holidays and try and schedule something.

I tried real hard to forget about everything this summer but I just could. It was eating me alive. I am trying to stay motivated at work but I’m not succeeding. I however started aerobics again tonight and feel so much better. I think this will keep me going and get me back on track and be motivated and alive.
I am looking forward to my lunch date with 2 adoptive moms tomorrow. We’ll be chatting about our Journey to Haiti. I pray that we can all succeed in our dream to adopt our beautiful children from Haiti.

Oh and last news… Imagine Adoption! They are still sending us emails. We are voting on the reconstruction of Imagine. If families want to continue with them, they can pay an additional $4,000 and they will continue the process in February I think they said. Since we pulled out of file from Ghana, we can still vote for the reconstruction of the agency because we are creditors. I personally have all that behind me now. I am just hurting for the families that are still fighting to bring the children home.

Well summer is all done now. I am kinda glade because I will get back to my routine. I think this summer was pretty wacko and I need to relax.