Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 Years today...

Today marks the 3 Year Anniversary that we officially decided to adopt.

Post - June 30, 2008
Post – July 1, 2008

Reading back my blog from 3 years ago, I started crying this morning. Back then, I did not know the power that my dad had. If you read this post

When I first told my dad that we were going to adopt, I told him not to get too excited in case something happened that it would not work out. He could not understand what I meant with “if it doesn’t work out’. He told me that we would make it work. Until that moment, watching the video, I didn’t’ felt 100% that we would go through this journey, but that changed my mind. Like my dad said, I’ll make this adoption happen.

I had never thought in a million years that after 3 years, I would still be blogging and waiting for Kyanne to come home. She is definitely growing in our hearts (like Lexie would say :) and she is already part of our family. The difficult part is seeing her grow and not being able to capture every moment. Saying that, I am so greatful that we found GLA and they are providing her with great love and care. Kyanne (Berline) is a happy baby. Its mommy and daddy that are having a difficult time.

I am not frustrated anymore that it’s taking time. I understand that Kyanne was really our match made in heaven and we had to wait for her to be born and be matched to our family. It’s hard to understand in today’s society that with time, everything will work out the way it was planned out to be. We are so busy with our everyday lives that we are all programed that we can only function if we have a specific timeframe in mind. I am going to enjoy my Canada Day Long Weekend and be grateful for my family and that Kyanne is in good hands until ‘THE DAY’ which is still unknown to us… we BRING HER HOME TO HER FOREVER FAMILY!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fwd: Berline June 2011 Update (CORMIER)

This is our Monthly Update from GLA!!! She is so adorable...  I just want squeeze her in my arms xoxoxoxo. 

I think the pics passed out on the fan is just hilarious! 

Subject: Berline June 2011 Update (CORMIER)

Warm Greetings from God's Littlest Angels, Victor and Sylvie!
Things are certainly heating up here at GLA.  Rainy season continues and along with that we have extra humidity and heat.   Although the weather is a bit uncomfortable we are grateful to be up in the mountains where it is more comfortable then it is in Port Au Prince.  Some new children have joined our family this month and we have lots of volunteers here to help us during the summer months.  So as always, things are busy here at God's Littlest Angels.
This month I would like to introduce you to the amazing women who care for your children on a daily basis.  Their nannies!  These women are there for them throughout the whole day.  What our volunteers do is very valuable and needed but we could not provide the level of care we do for these kids without our nannies.  Below you will find some info about the nannies.  We asked each of them to share something about the your child.  It is amazing to see the love these ladies have for each of the children in their care.  We want you to know that Berline is loved and cared for by her nannies.
Attached to this email you will find photos of Berline with her nannies and below each one is a little information about that nanny along with what they had to say about Berline.  Please let me know if this did not come across well.
Berline is doing well this month. As you know she is now officially 1 years old!  I am glad we celebrated her birthday while you were here with her, it is just exciting that she is now officially 1!  She is getting stronger in her standing alone and even taking steps on her very own! Soon she will be running around the nursery.  She is such a joy to have in the nursery. If I walk into the nursery and Berline is in a good mood I know I can count on a huge smile and cuddle from her.  There are some adorable pictures attached from when Berine fell asleep on the leg of the fan on the balcony. She was just so tired and the vibration from the fan put her right to sleep.  I am sure there will never be a dull moment with Berline around!  As you know she is adored by all the staff here at GLA and her nannies truly have a love for her.

Marie France has worked at GLA for 8 years. She is one of the happiest nannies with the sweetest disposition. I enjoy going to the nursery when she is working because I am sure to get a sweet smile and greeting. She has two children of her own, a boy and a girl. She tells me that she loves working at GLA because she gets to play with the kids and see them smile. She takes two tap taps to get to work.
This is what she had to say when we asked her about Berline: "She is a beautiful little girl with a pretty smile, and she plays well. She is a good eater, and eats everything. She can stand alone, does not cry easily, and is very interesting. She calls me 'mama' and I love her very much. After holding her, she gets very jealous if I pick up another child."

Sabrina has worked at GLA for 5 years. She is a sweet young lady who has an obvious love for the children in her care. She loves to dress up and look pretty. She loves to do the girl's hair more then any other nanny. She also loves to dress them up when they go to appointments. She has one son and takes one tap tap to get to work.
She says, "Berline eats very well, but she does not like laboui (similar to cream of wheat). However, Berline does like to eat mais (corn mush) and cereal, and she likes to drink water. She is a very nice, sweet baby; she is charming. She stands with support and is also close to walking. She often gets jealous if she sees me holding another child. I love her a lot."
Jocelyn is one of our most seasoned nannies. She has worked for GLA for 14 years. She loves all the children she has had in her care and is most excited when she gets news from children who have gone home to their forever family. She lost her home in the earthquake and GLA has built her a new home where she now lives. She says she likes her home a lot and is very thankful to GLA for helping her in her time of need. She has two sons and takes 3 tap taps to get to work.
She says, "Berline is a beautiful, interesting little girl. She does not eat everything; she does not like laboui (similar to cream of wheat), but she does like rice or spaghetti. She cries for the visitors a lot; she likes to go to the balcony. She can stand in her bed, but is not yet walking. She likes to drink water.

Berline is healthy and growing:
Height: 70.5 cm
Weight: 20 lb 8 oz

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kyanne's Birthday Today!!!! 1 Year Old

My little angle is 1 year old today! I wish I could be holding her in my arms today, but we are not there yet. I am very fortunate that we did see her last month and celebrated her birthday while we were in Haiti.

Tomorrow is my birthday so we'll be celebrating both our birthdays with cake!!!! Next year, we'll be fighting to see who will blow out the candles first LOL! I can't wait to be celebrating our birthdays together for the rest of my life! Live is Good!

Videos of Kyanne

I started to upload the videos we took while we were at GLA with Kyanne. Here’s the link

Videos of Kyanne

Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Affair….

Well, I've always heard that the grass is not greener on the other
side… but for me, I found the grass SUPER GREENER!!! No I am not
talking about my husband and I. I am talking about my love affair from
switching from Gym to Hot Yoga classes. I am addicted! Last month, I
got a pass to try out hot yoga and I just loved it. It's the feeling
you have while in class, it's just amazing. With the heat, you can
stretch more and it doesn't hurt.

When I got back from Haiti and my system was down and I felt
miserable, I went to one class… almost didn't make it because I was
still sick, but at the end, I was smiling. I felt so good. It was like
my remedy. Last week, I was in limbo between the 2. Still was not sure
if I was just suspending my gym membership or canceling all together.
I went to both. I did the yoga at the gym and I used to love it and
now not so much. So this morning I made the decision to start fresh
and commit to the Hot Yoga! I signed up for another unlimited month
until I know for sure if there will still be classes at lunch.

I don't know how long the grass will stay greener, but as long as it
last… I will be happy. My husband will actually benefit from this
because I will be happier all together and I will feel good!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Videos of Kyanne

I started to upload the videos we took while we were at GLA with Kyanne. Here’s the link

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Got my energh back

3 weeks after being back from Haiti I can today say that I am back to myself!!! I was scared for a while and didn’t think I would make it back up the hill. I felt like a box of chocolate... I just didn’t know what I would get next hahaha. Started by vomiting, diarrhea, sadness, no energy, soar throat, sinuses, headache.... I rarely get sick but man did my system ever get down. I was even lost in my own house. I finally got the energy yesterday to start my hot yoga and I did it! I was very proud of myself. I think that was my remedy... knowing that I could pull through a hot yoga class.

Liette, my friend is now in Haiti. She met her little boy Théo for the first time yesterday. She updated FB last night with pictures. I am so happy for her. She looks so natural with Théo in her arms. They are the perfect match!!! Xoxox she sent some pics of my little Kyanne as well. My heart just melted this morning when I saw the pictures.

It’s really hard for me to live my life in the moment right now. I try so hard to not think about Kyanne being at the orphanage and me being at work or at home doing my everyday things. She is my daughter and I can’t be with her. I honestly think that the only time I don’t think of her is when I’m at my hot yoga session. It’s the only hour of the day that I don’t think of anything else but just breathe and sweat!