Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dossier Update

Today is a much happier day that yesterday. I guess getting all those updates got me emotional. I figured out that the reason is… My 2 step daughters organized a baby shower for Kyanne. We had it this weekend and having all the gifts in her room kind of makes me want her in there as well. I’ll post pictures of the baby shower in another post with the details.

My husband texted me this morning at work saying ‘de plus en plus j'ai les frissons que la petite sent vien sooooon. Yes’ translating this text… The more and more we are getting to the end of the journey, I get the goose bumps because I know our little one is coming home soon!

Not too long after, Liette, Théo’s mom calls me at my desk to see if I saw the update. For the love of god, I was not able to even get to the site. I did not even know what link to click. She had to send me an instant message so I could just click on the link and there it was…. Our little Berline is now in Legalization stage. When Melissa had emailed me to say our dossier was going into courts, she said there are 4 stages:

Attestation signatures

So we are in stage 3 out of 4. We did all that in 3 weeks. That is just incredible. My prayers are really being answered at this time. I am not going to stop now. I still need her in Passport stage by next week. I am so grateful for our dossier passing through the stages so quickly. Victor was saying we are getting her in August… he might have been right all along! I am counting on his faith and God to bring her home in August!!!!!

Hang in there parents of Geraldson and Mardochée…. You will soon have your chance to meet you little ones and hold them in your arms. And Liette, Théo is just around the corner as well. !!!!

Here is the update that we found on the site.

MAIN HOUSE Current Status

Berline - Legalization

Darline -  Legalization

Djeff - Courts

Frantina - pre-I BESR

Geraldson - IBESR-19458

Mardochée - IBESR-19350

Nadége - Passport Printing

Raphaëlla - IBESR-19327

Stivenson - Parquet

Wana - IBESR-19328

A river running down my face

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I don’t think I cried this much since the earthquake. For some reason I just can't  handle it anymore. I NEED KYANNE TO COME HOME! I NEED GLA TO EM AIL ME THAT OUR DOSSIER IS OUT OF COURTS AND INTO PASSPORT NOW!!!

How yesterday went:

Part 1
The morning started on the slow side, my cousin Margo told me that she was not sure if she would make it to hot yoga so I was just going to find a good excuse not to go myself. Around 10 am, she texted me that she was going to be able to make it. Without any motivation, I figured that since she was going, I would go to. I left my desk at 10:50 and was really proud that I did the practice, however I still did not feel motivated. When I got back to my desk, I checked my email and subject line was ‘ I saw Berline today!’ I almost had a heartattach. I opened the email and here it goes:

From: Bobby Downes
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:14:52 -0500
Subject: Re: I saw Berline today!
To: Sylvie Cormier

GLA is taking such great care. And there is a new group of young ladies here that knew Berline by name. We'll be going back there in the next day or so and I'll be going straight for her crib to take her out to play. Will take more photos.

She'll be home soon!!!

I cried and cried when I saw her beautiful face in her crib. Again… she looks extremely happy.

Part 2

I was at work and was demanding to get more. I am commanding that she comes home NOW! I was really grateful for the email from Bobby, however I WANTED MORE.

I left work and got home really tired. I did not even go outside with the dogs. I just curled up on the couch with the dogs and passed out. I guess I really needed a good nap because at around 7 pm, I heard Nicole ask her father were I was. She did not even see me on the couch. Victor asked her what she needed and she said she had found more pictures of Kyanne on FB from other volunteers. I immediately jumped up. I sort of acted like my dogs when I tell them I have a treat LOL! So there she was with her smiley face lighting up. I started crying even more when I saw that the volunteers had the book of our family pictures and the one that we recorded our voices.

This is one of the GLA Staff that is really attached to Kyanne.

He plays with her all the time.

Now that she's walking, she needs shoes!!!

Part 3

Not even 5 minutes after looking at the picutres, I checked my emails and there it was… the GLA July Update of Kyanne!!!!!!!!! 3 updates in one day, that is just too much to handle. I immediately lost it when I read the update and it described the pictures Nicole was just showing me with the books… This is part of the update that touched me the most and had me crying nonstop.

One of the volunteers told the sweetest story about Berline which I thought you would really like. She said that the first day with her she opened the book you had made for her and Berline’s response was to smile, point, say “mama” ”dada” and then she bent down and kissed the picture! How cute! She is so excited to live you with you.

So there you have it. Since I visited Kyanne, I have been real strong and patient. I’ve been telling myself that she is happy and that I can wait to get that email that we can come and get her. Well now I am out of that stage and I NEED HER HOME! I can no longer take it anymore. THE TIME HAS COME AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!!

Here is our July update from GLA:

Sunny Greetings from God’s Littlest Angels, Victor and Sylvie!

The summer is sure flying by for us here at God’s Littlest Angels. We are in full swing with our school sponsorship program with Haitian families here to apply daily. The building at Fort Jacques is steadily moving forward. We have had many visitors in and out but we have not been without our trials this month. You can read more on Dixie’s blog about those things. Regardless of how difficult things can get we have definitely seen an infinite abundance of God’s grace. All the children have been healthy for the most part and we have had many amazing visitors come to support us as well as individuals from around the world offering their support both financially and most importantly through prayer.

I know that one thing many families do in the summer and I am sure you are looking forward to doing with Berline is going to a beach or pool. This is the inspiration for my photos this month. I can just imagine these beautiful babies and children enjoying the beach or pool with a wonderful loving family! What an exciting thought. Here at GLA bringing the pool out on the balcony is a favorite activity for the kids and volunteers and once in a while Molly and Joyce will bring out the pools for the kids at the Toddler House. It is a true treat for them and most of the kids would play there all day if they could. Enjoy the photos as you imagine time spent in the summer sun with Berline.

Berline is now officially a walker!! She is now walking everywhere she wants to go; I think she has decided that walking is easier then crawling. When I walked into the nursery today she came walking around the corner and I was shocked. I had seen her walking around but this is the first time she has come up to me from the other room walking the whole way. On July 5th she was taking about 9 steps at one time and then on the 7th she was taking about 13 steps, then shortly after that she was walking everywhere! In addition to walking so much she now has 6 teeth and she is also chatting a lot and repeating words.

She is still one of the most jolly, happy little ones in the nursery but she has begun to throw bigger and more frequent fits when she is unhappy. It seemed to me that she was always one of the most contented girls we have but this seems to have changed a little. If she wants to be picked up she is not afraid to let you know about it.

One of the volunteers told the sweetest story about Berline which I thought you would really like. She said that the first day with her she opened the book you had made for her and Berline’s response was to smile, point, say “mama” ”dada” and then she bent down and kissed the picture! How cute! She is so excited to live you with you.

Berline’s volunteers tell me that she loves the pool. She loves to get water dumped on her head. She will smile and laugh a lot when someone does this to her.

Berline is healthy and growing:

Height: 71.5 cm
Weight: 20 lb 8 oz

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Brithday to remember

My dear father would have been 73 years old today. Already 2 years have gone since he passed away. I am confident that he is the one keeping me in line and helping me get through this adoption process. There is no dough in my mind that the Kyanne was truly our Match made in HEAVEN. Imagine Adoption going bankrupt, Canadian High Commission in Ghana not letting the children out of the country and the Earthquake in Haiti all happened for a reason. I now understand that in Heaven there is no time frame, no clocks, blackberries and iphones. What we can do is pray and have faith. What we are asking God for may not come to you right away; it will come when it’s the right time. That’s why it’s really important to live in the moment and enjoy every moment of your life.

Happy Birthday Dad! You are always on my mind. Miss you lots xoxoxo

New message downloading on my iphone!

If you are in the process of adopting or have already adopted, you know how important it is to check your email on an hourly bases. For those of you who have never adopted, I’m sure you might be waiting for important emails about to see if you got the job, weekend plans with friends, weekly deals for vacations down south and even an email confirmation of your vacation itinerary. What you may not realize is that for the past 3 years now, I’ve been checking my emails hourly on my phone on average. Waiting for an email that will finaly say, YOU ARE READY TO BRING KYANNE HOME! When I see the ‘downloading 1 of 4 messages’ at the bottom of the screen, my heart starts to beat faster. You would think that the feeling would have gone away after all this time. I still have those butterflies each day. The emails that I am waiting so desperately for are always one step closer to have our beautiful little Kyanne home.

Lately the checking my email hourly has probably went up to every half hour. In the past 4 months I’ve received several emails from GLA that our dossier is moving up to the next stage. Next stage will be advising us that we are in MOI (Passport stage). Liette, my friend who is also adopting, received an email yesterday that she finished Parquet and her dossier is now in Courts like our dossier.

Since we got our match (referral) in February, I even unsubscribed from mailing list so that the number of new messages would go down. It was driving me crazy seeing all these new messages and none from GLA.

Let’s just say that I am extremely thankful for technology! If it would not be for all our gadgets, we would need to stay home and wait for the phone to ring or get snail mail. I don’t think I would have survived those days.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time lines are looking good!

Liette got an email from an adoptive mom that we think is the one that is in front of us currently in passport. Melissa at GLA said to expect to be in Passport for 5 to 7 weeks and then a few weeks for Visa and this lady got a scanned copy of her son’s passport within 2 weeks. She said she was in passport for 4 weeks about and is expecting to travel to Haiti no later than July 25th!!!!! That is wonderful news.

While our dossier is moving along, I keep on praying for the families that need the presidential dispensation. They all got the referral same time as us and they are not out of IBESR because the president has not done anything with their dossier. These children need to come home to their FOREVER FAMILIES as well.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Out of PARQUET!!!

I got the most wonderful email when I came back from lunch today! Our dossier is out of Parquet. This is the stage that GLA had to get the Bio Mother to go in front of the judge and say that she was ok with giving her daughter up for adoption. This could have taken several months. Sometime they have a hard time to find the parents and get them to show up in court. We were very fortunate and it only took 7 weeks. I screamed so loud at work when I saw that email. The title was ‘Out of Parquet’ I was checking my email on my iphone while talking to my co-worker. As soon as I saw the title, I screamed and it seemed that my phone was on fire, I could not hold it anymore. I threw it on my desk and wanted to read it from my computer. So again... my coworkers got the news before my husband. LOL!

This is the mail I received this afternoon:

Congratulations Victor and Sylvie!

Great news! Your adoption of Berline has just been approved by Parquet. This week, we are preparing your dossier to enter the courts, in which we will create the civil court document and the Act of Adoption. This is when Berline will legally become your child and take your family name of Cormier.

After the courts, we will ask National Archives for an attestation signature for the Act of Adoption and then we will legalize the Haitian legal documents in both the Department of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

We have only had one other dossier reach this stage so far, and that dossier took about one month for all of these steps together – courts, attestation signature, legalization, and MAE. Of course, each file can differ, and we can't base a timeline on one dossier, but hopefully yours will go just as quickly. As we always say, plan for longer, and if it comes out in a month, you'll be happy!

After these steps, we can apply for Berline’s passport in the Minister of Interior’s (MOI) office. I may not always have the time to email you as we exit each step. I will, however, be sure to email you when we apply for Berline’s passport at MOI.

Once again, congratulations on being one step closer to taking your angel home!
Have a great day!

I emailed them back and asked what the time frame was for passport and she said from 5 to 7 weeks and then a few weeks for the visa.

This is really happening... Kyanne will be home before we know it and before we are fully ready for her hahah! Even if we are not 100% ready, I will go get her in a heartbeat and we’ll deal with the details after.