Monday, January 30, 2012

A bit of everything

Movie night last week. Can you see them all with the IPHONEs and IPAD? What is this world coming to. I guess it’s your normal family night these days. You watch a movie and check FB… What a life LOL! That’s what I like about going to the camp. I try to keep away from technology as much as I can. I will sometime upload a picture or 2 of Kyanne while I am there but other than that, I just want to be with nature!!!

My sweetie being herself!

Daddy found a little helper. It was so cute to watch her. She stood by his side and was carefully watching everything he was doing. When he was stepping out to go cut some pieces in the garage, she would take a few nails and try to assemble something.

Saturday, I escaped reality and went to the camp with Kyanne, Sam and George. Daddy was trying to do some work in the house and I wanted piece and quite. We packed up and left for a few hours. What a wonderful time we had. I find that at home, we are always distracted by someone or something. At the camp, there is just stillness!!! We went for a nice walk in the trail. What a workout I had with the stroller. We came back to a nice fire and relaxed. Kyanne was really cuddly. We bundled up in a blanket and slept for awhile. I felt a real connection with her today.

Oprah travel to Haiti with Sean Penn – I watched that last night and I cried and cried. I think this is the first time that I watch Haiti on TV since I got Kyanne home. I can’t explain my true feelings... I felt so sad seeing all those children still living in the tents and at the same time so gratefully that I had my baby girl home. I cannot imagine seeing my daughter living in these conditions, but yet at the same time, there are so many living in those conditions. Once I was done crying, I went to sit in Kyanne’s room for awhile and watched her sleep in her bed. I am blessed to have her. I know we all think that she is so lucky to have come to a loving family that will be able to provide for her, but it’s the opposite. She is the one that has brought so much in our lives. Haiti has changed my life in so many ways. I will be teaching Kyanne about her birth place and will travel with her when the time is right. We will always have a connection with Haiti. Starting next summer, we will be helping her siblings to go to school so they can have a better future. I find that it’s important to keep a connection with Kyanne’s birth family.  I know that one day; she will thank me to have kept a connection. She will know that she was loved dearly by her birth mom.

Play date with Théo and Liette today was fun. It was a bit early to get going but it was worth it. We went to My Gym for 10:15 am. I snuck out of bed before she woke up so I could get a few things done before she woke up. She finally woke up at 8 am and I think she woke up on the wrong side of the bed… she was not pleasant at all. I was afraid we would have to cancel our date. She did not even want to eat breakfast. After awhile, I stopped pressuring her on getting things done and then it was ok. I guess I have to start going with the flow… it’s really hard for me to relax! I always have to get ready for something.
Kyanne was a bit shy when we first got there. When Théo arrived, she started being herself. Kyanne and Théo had a hard time following the class. When we were in the red circle, Kyanne was crying and wanted to go play in the balls… J Oh well, it was there first time. We signed up for a month so we’ll see them get better at following the rest of the class hahah!

After our playdate, Kyanne had an appointment to get her ears pierced. She did extreamly well! She did not move at all. She cried for a few seconds after it was all done but it did not last. When we got home, I looked at her and the left side was not centered at all. I was not impressed! I called the jewlery store and they told me to remove the earring right away and to come back Thursday. So much to get both ears done at the same time…

This evening, we were looking at her one earring in the mirror and she was touching my earrings. She was all happy and seemed to like her 1 earring LOL! She touched her other hear and made an outch sound with her mouth. I laughed so hard!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blood work / Movie night!

Tonight is movie night with my girls… except Kyanne. She just went to bed. Nicole, Renée, Amanda and I are going to sit down, eat popcorn and watch a movie. Family time!!! I don’t think daddy will stay awake for the movie. He usually falls asleep the first 15 minutes.

Every day, I keep telling myself, how lucky I am to have found such a great community of adoptive moms all over Canada, US... The tips and tricks they suggested have helped me a great deal. I could of not done it without them.  Bringing Kyanne in our bed was the best decision we’ve made. I know she does not sleep the whole night but at least she now wakes up with us. When she’s with her sisters and I disappear in another room, I hear ‘Mama!!!’ My heart just melts when I hear her say that. She is looking for me. J When she finds me, she gives me the greatest smile a mother could possibly receive.

So today was blood work for Kyanne. We went to the hospital. I thought I was going to run out the door with her and say screw the test! She was screaming so loud. Poor girl was terrified. She was screaming before the needle so it was not pain, she was scared. As soon as they were done, we got out of the chair and she stopped crying right away. She hugged me and did not let go. No more pain for a long time now. We are going to keep away from the doctors and hospitals. I am stocked up with herbal medicine in case she gets sick this winter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Against my belief... Kyanne got vaccinated.

Kyanne went for her booster vaccines yesterday. She had 3 needles L Poor girls cried at each, but was able to feel the comfort and protection on me and stopped crying a few seconds. She even stayed all cuddled up on me after when the nurse was talking to me. She was all relaxed. I really felt the bond at that moment. She knows that mommy can make her feel better and will be with her no matter what. Being all holistic, I really had a hard time making the decision to bring her in for her vaccines. I have read so many studies and articles about side effects that I could not see myself brining her to the Dr. Office for that. I had a chat with my cousin who also has the same believes as me... and we came to the conclusion that she already had the first dosses and some of them 2 dosses of the vaccines. So basically all there was left to give her was the last boosters. So mommy went along and gave it to her. L

Daddy's Birthday / Playdate

Daddy had a nice Birthday supper with the whole family. Mommy was a bit tired as you can see in the picture. I was not myself at all but I guess I put on an act and went along with it. :)

For some reason I have a hard time taking in comments or suggestions when it comes to food and sleep/nap time with my adorable Kyanne frmo non adoptive parents. Mama bears comes out and she's a vicious bear. She is sweet and always wants to please everyone but sometimes the claws could be used. I don't know if it's when it's my time of the month or I just feel crappy, but I got a get a grip!

 Now let the nice come out... I have the most wonderful family ever. I look at our picture and I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

 Anabelle and Brittany came to play with Kyanne.

Our fun playdate of the week with Liette and Théo. We went for a stroll on the walking trail behind our work in town. By the time we got there, the wind had picked up and it was a bit chilly.
 We then went to coffee shop for a nice warm cup of coffee and some banana bread. I think Théo really likes it!
Kyanne and Théo chilling after a nice walk. It's so much fun that they are getting along.
Oh oh!!!! I think Kyanne is pretty much at ease with her little friend Théo... and Théo seems to be taking good care of his little friend LOL!

The past few days, Kyanne sleeping patterns have been really good. She even did a full night last night. I was so happy. She woke up at 8:30. Mommy was so rested today. Amazing how our mood can change when we are fully charged!
Kyanne is learning so much. She really understands when I am talking to her. When I say it’s time to brush our teeth, she runs to the bathroom and knows to take out her toothbrush. Even at my moms the other day, I said “Is it time to leave now and go see daddy?” She nodded her head yes, went in the kitchen to grab her bag and she walked to the door. I could not believe it. We just all looked at each other and did not know what to say. It might be normal for a 19 month old child to know these things, but she’s my first and I just find it amazing that she’s only been home with us for 2 months and she already knows the routine.
I went to change Kyanne before we left today for our playdate and when we were done, she walked in my bedroom, walked over to the bed and put her hand on our pillow and smiled. I honestly think she would of probably had a nap. It was killing me that we were leaving. I would of loved it to try and see if she would of actually slept. Oh well, we’ll see tomorrow as we’re probably going to have a stay home day. Daddy said he was going to work on some renovations... so maybe we’ll leave. Daddy decided to bust 2 holes in the living room to fix a light in the bathroom. I honestly thought the holes were going to stay there for a few years but to my surprise he said he was going to work on it tomorrow. Let’s just see how long it will be before the patches gets painted LOL! He said he was going to build my pantry as well this winter. We’ll see... J
Having daddy home in the morning with us is helping so much with the bonding. For example, if we meet him somewhere on the road and he stops to say hi for a few minutes, she used to cry after he leaves. Now, she will wave bye and give him a kiss. I guess she knows she will see him again.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

No sick day when you’re a mommy I guess!

Kyanne and I finally caught up to daddy and caught his bug. We had a runny nose all weekend. I used to tough it out and not take any meds, but with a 19 month old toddler running around, mommy took some meds to clear up my head. I would have not been able to function without them. I hate taking meds but I had no choice. I can't stay in bed cause she will run to my room and scream ' maman' ... How coul'd I possibly ignore her... :)
Today was daddy’s birthday. His 2 other girls were in Halifax for a ringette tournament so we are going to celebrate tomorrow instead. I felt real bad this morning. He’s the one that got up with Kyanne and made us breakfast. I was not even able to spoil him... I guess I spoil him all the time so he treated me good on his birthday hahah! This afternoon I did not feel like doing anything so we just went for a long drive to get a coffee so she could sleep.
Oh! I forgot to mention about Friday evening. My little girl started crying at 11pm and would not get back to sleep. I guess she was starting to feel sick and she could not breathe and have her thumb in her mouth. I brought her in our bed and she was still crying. She would sit down and watch us sleep. Mommy and daddy did not sleep too much.
Other than that we stayed indoors this weekend since we were sick. We still did a bit of dancing but mostly relaxed. I hope we all get our strength for this new week coming up and we can go outdoors and do some activities.

Mémére and Kyanne out for a stroll.
Sam with Kyanne's sunglasses.
 Playdate with Théo and Liette

Sleepy Kyanne
My 3 girls are out to lunch LOL!
Ah!!!! this is what I was looking forward for so long. My baby girl all relaxed on mommy.
Mommy and Kyanne having fun... and finshed on the floor...
Daddy's first Bday cake.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Play date with Liette and Théo... it was an awesome day. I was looking forward for this all week!!!

Kyanne slept in her bed till 8:15. She had an awesome night. She woke up for the first time around 2am. After that, if i remember correctly, she only woke up once or twice. I did not even consider bringing her in our bed. It was only a few little cries. I don’t even think she opened her eyes once. She woke up with a beautiful smile on her face.

Breakfast... she wanted to watch Cornemuse before breakfast so I put on the dvd while I was preparing her plate. When she came to eat, I did not think to pause the dvd and she kept on matching while she was eating. When I came back to sit down with my cup of coffee, she had yogurt all over herself and the spoon was not even remotely close to her mouth. I guess she can’t multi task yet. I turned off the tv and we had breakfast. This is not something I want to start... watch tv while she eats. I just didn’t have my coffee yet and did not think about it. There are lots of things I forget these days. For example, this evening, I hit the top of my foot and it hurts. My husband asked me where I hit it and I could not even remember. It was not even an hour before and I could not answer the question. No I did not have a glass of wine either LOL! I guess too much stuff running around in my brain.

I had a Dr. Appointment this pm before our play date. Renée met us at the mall so she could stay with Kyanne while I was at my appointment. I had to get her some pyjamas. She already grew out of the ones I have. I know sometimes I babble on and on about how I feel insecure that Kyanne is not fully attached to me... well at my appointment, I waved her good bye and told her I will only be a few minutes and kissed her on the cheek.  She watched me go in the door and we waved bye again. As I was talking with the nurse practitioner, the door opened and there was my little angle. She came to see mommy. She saw me and had a big smile on her face. It was so funny. Renée did not think the door was not shut properly and she was able to push it open. I just wanted to cry and hold her in my arms. My little girl was looking for her mommy. Xoxo

Playdate: It was so nice to see the reaction on their faces. They are so cute together. We went at Chapters. They have a nice area for the kids to play. Liette and I were sitting on the little chairs, sipping on our Starbucks Coffee chatting away. It’s so much fun to talk with her. I don’t need to explain to her or repeat myself saying... Adoption is different; you can’t just assume this and that. We understand each other. Even when we talk about our frustrating moments, we are able to laugh! It’s a good therapy. We ended up having supper at McGuiness Landing in the same establishment as Chapters. Thank god it was not busy. As much as I don’t want Kyanne to grow old now,  I want to enjoy her at this age... it will be nice to be able to bring her to a restaurant and not have to run in each corner and wave hello to everyone sitting and eating. This is where I see the difference between Kyanne and Théo. Théo stayed in his chair while Liette was feeding him. Kyanne and I on the other hand, well, she did not touch her meal except a few french fries that I was not approving to begin with and a few bites of garlic bread. Half way through our meal, I had to get her out of her high chair so she could run around. I tried to get her to sit on me and she would not stay. After a while, Liette managed to sit her down and she ate the rest of her seafood chowder. I guess I won’t be ordering kids meal anymore. I will get her the fancy stuff and she might do better LOL!

Oh and for the first time ever!!! I forgot my camera at home. I can’t believe it . I’ll post pics of our playdate when Liette post them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little things off my chest

As I sit here blogging, my baby girl is NAPPING... but its 5:30 in the afternoon. L She only had a half hour nap in the stroller and she could not stand herself anymore. I had to carry her in my arms like a baby and she fell asleep in less than 2 minutes. She is now sleeping like a rock with Sam and George in our bed. I don’t want her to fall off so I will sit here for a while and blog J

Yesterday, we spend the day at my moms. She said she would make us lunch. I was not going to refuse that offer. Any offer for someone to make us food now... I will not refuse LOL! We went for a walk with Kyanne in the stroller. My mom pushed her the whole way. This was sort of an excuse to get her to do some exercise LOL!
Kyanne came to bed with us around 1 this morning. I love having her by my side. I can finally say in now KYANNE CUDDLES WITH ME! We all woke up at 8 this morning. It feels so good to be rested. Daddy is sick again. He is coughing and has the chills. He got the speech that 2 years ago he followed my diet and supplements and had a winter without being sick. This is all I’m going to say. Kyanne and I decided to go for a jog with the jogger stroller. We got dressed and off we went with Sam and George.  I could not believe it when we got home. I had to put the dogs in the shower when we arrived. They were full of mud. Middle of January and there were puddles of water and mud everywhere. This is so crazy. I was even to warm with my hat on. This is some crazy winter we are having.
Kyanne only slept half hour this afternoon. Usually she would keep on sleeping when we would get back from outside but not today. She was wide awake. Around 3, we went to visit her cousin Ghislain. They played for a good hour.

This evening, I was not in a very good mood. I absolutely don’t like being told what to do or what I should or should not do. I find that I am a very passive person most of the time and I will not say what I really want to scream out loud. Well this was the case this evening. I bit my lips and did not say a word. It was not the end of the world but I was not in the mood for advice. I don’t know if Victor noticed but I think he wasn’t paying attention as he was sick. I really don’t want anyone telling me when I should or should not let Kyanne nap. Who cares if it was 5pm and we should have been having supper... I have a year off to be home and I will re-arrange our schedule if I have to. We’ll that was fun getting this of my chest. I sometime don’t say my true feeling out loud, so this is a way for me to vent and be able to sleep at night.
You never know what she’s going to do when I put her in her crib for the night. Sometimes, she sings, claps her hands, barks like a dog, calls out for the cat... but tonight, she got up, grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss. It was so funny, but at the same time, so loving. She amazes me every day. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Change in the sleeping routine

Well, I did another thing that I had always said I would not do… I bought a DVD player for the car L Every time I go somewhere with Kyanne, it’s at least 20 minute drive to get there. I find it hard to entertain her while I’m alone with her. It’s funny because we went to Moncton today and she slept both ways and did not even watch it LOL!

Last night, I woke up every half hour from midnight to 2 am. When I looked at the clock and it was passed 2, I told my husband to push on his side and I was bringing her in. I pushed the dogs as well to make room for us. J I picked her up and she did not say a word when she landed in our comfy king size bed. Normally, we have to gradually get her rest but I could tell she was quite comfortable and she would stay without crying. Well, there you have it; she slept all night without crying once. Victor woke up at 7 and it did not even wake her. What woke her up was the cat wanting some attention... Ah well, I was well rested and decided to get up and we could have breakfast with daddy. Since she did not make a big fuss when she came in our bed last night, we decided that we would put her to bed in her own crib and when she first starts crying we will bring her in and she’ll realize that we are not going anywhere. I think this will help with the attachment. It’s unreal how much I feel that she is attaching more and more every day.

I weight her the other day and she has not gain... I think I spent all my energy trying to get her to nap during the day that I have not given her much snacks between our meals. The last couple of days, I’ve been reminding myself to snake so hopefully she will put a pound or so next time. She is now saying mommy more I find.

Today I had an appointment to physio. Victor took her for a drive in the mean time. When I got in the car, she was sound asleep. I then met my cousin Margo for lunch at our favourite place Calactus!!! It was good!!! We went to the mall after to get her ears pierced but I guess I needed an appointment. Oh well, we’ll have to come back another time. We stopped at Children’s Place to get a pair of sunglasses as she is always taking mine. At least these one will stay on her face!

Tonight she had a good appetite for supper. She ate everything I gave her. I put celery, onions and zucchini in food processor to hide the veggies in the Hamburg. It worked this time. She even ate all her rice.

That’s it for tonight. I was able to blog early. Nicole is playing with her. They are having so much fun. Renée works in a daycare and she knows a lot of kid’s songs. She wanted us to sing one tonight and we did not know the words we could just do the dance part with her. Half way through the moves, she stopped and raised her shoulders, meaning “Aren’t you going to sing?” LOL! I guess we’ll have to get Renée to write down the words.
 Kyanne's new sunglasses!
Kyanne fell asleep on daddy Sunday before lunch.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Day at the camp

Last couple of days were pretty relaxing for Kyanne and mommy. We stayed home and had fun. On Thursday evening, I decided to take out her little twist in her hair. Victor got her all comfortable on his laps and she let us play in her hair. She did not move once. Next thing you know, she was sound asleep. So much for my intension of washing her hair in the bath! We finished and got her in bed.
Things I have observed this week:
·         She is saying more words or at least trying to say them...
·  She loves brushing her teeth.
·         She loves her Cartoon “Cornemuse” I don’t really want her to watch TV, but she loves that show. When we get up in the morning, she will sit in her little chair and watch it while I do the dishes.
·         She is even cuddlier with the dogs now. She truly loves them.
·         She’s getting to be friends with Sponge our cat. She gives her lots of treats.
·         She's always looking for daddy when he’s at work.  She points outside and says “Daddy”! You should see the look on her face when she sees him come in the door. Priceless!!!
·         She is now very comfortable to sit on the couch with us. I think her fear of being left alone is almost gone.
·         She loves having a routine because she knows what’s coming.
·         She will randomly come to us and give us a kiss

Look at me mommy!!! Aren't you going to do something with my hair? LOL!
Ready to it the town!

This weekend is all about our family. I think it breaks Victor’s heart to see that his little girl is missing him that much during the week. I think everyone noticed how she comes to me all the time now and she wants to be in my arms. She knows mommy is not going anywhere. Even Nicole noticed when she tries to pick her up in the morning before she leaves for work. She tries to have a few minutes with her before she leaves, but Kyanne wants to come in my arms.
This morning, Kyanne was a good girl and slept till 8am. We were all rested and were all happy that daddy was staying home. We slowly packed the truck to go to the camp for the day. Everyone came. We had a lovely time. It’s not often we get to be the whole family. Even Amanda, Nicole and Renée’s half sister came. The simplicity of being at the camp is what I love. We played in the snow, went for walks and laughed!!! Poor Kyanne only had a little nap of half hour at lunch time. When we left after supper to come home, she was passed out before we got to the main road. She was exhausted.
Family Picture at the Camp!

Kyanne getting all cozy by the fire.


Kyanne was all depressed! Daddy had gone outside to load the 4 wheeler in the truck. I think she thought he was leaving without her.