Monday, March 26, 2012

Never mind global warming... Hell is freezing over LOL!

Sunday, my husband did laundry. I did not even know how to react. He was actually folded and put it away. Let’s not get over board... he did his own laundry because he thinks I am a little slow now with the other house chores LOL! At least it’s one load of laundry that I did not have to do. J

Sunday we had a nice family day. We started off by going to see Nicole and Renée play ringette and a nice lunch at Cora’s. Yes mommy is totally going insane... She ordered a waffle with nutella and banana’s for Kyanne and ordered the same for herself.

Friday was a busy day. Mommy brought Kyanne to stay a mémère for the first time. I had a facial in the morning and decided to get my mom to watch Kyanne for a few hours. My mom was really excited. It was a bit hard to leave her there but I knew that I had to do it someday. Around 1 pm, after my lunch with my cousin, my phone rang and it was my mom’s number. My heart started pounding. She wanted to know if it was ok for her to take Kyanne for a drive with her friend. I started laughing. I found it really cute. She gave Kyanne the phone and she said mama! I was so happy to hear her voice, yet she seemed so far away. When I arrived to pick her up, she ran in my arms and gave me a big squeeze. It feels so good to see that she misses me when she is not with me. I’m always in her face so I never get to see if she is excited to see me but now I know. My baby girl loves me. J

Kyanne’s vocabulary is growing so much. She now says, Monique, Liette, glasses, water, beach, boots, sun, Passe-Partou...

She will say papa travail (daddy is working), hallo GeGeorge, come GeGeorge.

She can now follow the songs in Wiggles and will do like them. It’s so cute to watch her face light up. I was not impressed the other day. She was watching Passe-Partout and someone pulled a little girls hair and they started screaming. Kyanne pulled her own hair and screamed as well. I thought Passe-Partout was a good children show???

Today was a fun day! We went swimming with Théo and Liette. We had not seen them last week and we really missed them. It was fun to see the looks on their faces when they saw each other.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last weeks of winter fun.

I had an appointment to get my hair done today. Renée dropped me off and went for a drive with Kyanne. When they arrived, Kyanne saw me on the chair and ran towards me and climbed in my arms. I was filled with joy. My baby girl missed me. I felt so loved!
I will share some of our actives in the last few weeks. I hadn’t posted any pictures lately so enjoy!

Kyanne and Théo are quite the little swimmers now. Kyanne did not even notice that i was not holding her.

 Kyanne making funny faces.
I love this snuggle time! Each time she cuddles, I don’t want the moment to stop.

 Kyanne sound asleep in my bed. So peaceful.
 Doing a pose for mommy!
 My grand-mothers 93 birthday! She's still in good health.
Kyanne and Théo hard at work.
 Platdate at Julie's in Memramcook. Had a wonderful time.
 Yum Yum!
My cousin came down from Victoria, BC with his 2 children that we had never met. It was fun to spend a few days with them. I was not sure how it would go with Kyanne, but they played really well together. Kyanne was nice and shared her toys but what a mess! I think those boys took out everything Kyanne had in the living room.

We went to the sugar camp last weekend. Let’s just say, Kyanne has a sweet tooth like her daddy. She absolutely loved the sugar rush!

 Want to race daddy...
We’ve had 2 gorgeous days. Today it reached 29 degrees Celsius. It was hot! Kyanne is in heaven. She was so excited when we walked out the door with flip flops and no jacket. Yesterday we had had fun on the patio with Renée. We took out her toys and had some drinks in my plastic wine glasses. It did not take her long to learn how to drink from the wine glasses LOL!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mommy's the Boss!

Thank you ladies from the mommy group! I took your advice today and it worked. Kyanne was being fussy for nap time and was pointing her finger where she wanted to go. It was a game at this point. I had been in my room 3 times, downstairs twice and in her room. I decided to be firm and stayed in her room with her crying in my arms. She was pointing, trying to reach for the door and I did not move. It was difficult but I stayed firm and she eventually reached for her hair and thumb after 2 minutes and fell asleep in my arms. It felt really good to be in power!!!

Last night was a fun night. I went to my mommy group for the first time since Kyanne is home. It felt good to be able to sit at the restaurant and be able to have a conversation without being interrupted.

We’ve been so busy the past few days that I had not blogged. One of the mommies from the mommy group did Kyanne’s hair last week. It’s so cute. I’ll post pics soon. She really loves it but I don’t think she would be ready to go to a salon any time soon. She can’t stand still long enough.

Kyanne’s family doctor called to say they found a slightly higher amount of lead in her blood. I guess the norm is .9 and she’s .14. She wanted to get more test done but I don’t understand why I should put her through this nightmare one more time. I called our naturopath and he said he could do something for her. Once we are done with his treatment I will bring her for a hair analysis to see if everything is in place.

Food: I can now hide grinded sunflower and pumpkin seeds, lentils and veggies in her famous potatoes! I hope this phase last a long time LOL!

Talk: Kyanne is at the point that she repeats everything she eats. She will remember some of them like, carrots, potatoes, apples when she she’s them in the fridge and the rest she will repeat it over and over again when she eats.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Talk talk talk!

Kyanne is saying more words now. She learned to say “minute” and showing her index finger. It’s hilarious. Last night I was putting her down for bed and she decided she wanted to sleep in the big bed right away. She was sleeping on my chest and all of a sudden she got up and said ‘minute with the finger and went to say good night to sponge our cat. She had forgotten LOL! She stayed there for 2 minutes, came back to bed with me.

She also knows how Santa Clause is and she says “ho ho ho”! I guess I should store the Christmas books.
We had a bag of apples in the garage and she recognized what it was and said ‘pomme’ and clapped her hands.  

On our way back from Moncton Sunday, she talked on her cell all the way. We don’t know what she was saying but she was laughing and making funny faces. I guess she was having a good chat with Théo LOL!
Sunday was a mommy and daddy day. Kyanne was up early so we had an early nap after lunch. It was fun to stay home and do nothing. I hope she doesn’t start asking for Renée and Chris, they are in Florida right now so I don’t dare say their names. It’s going to be a quite week as well without them in the evenings. They usually come over and pay with her.  

She now drinks from a mug. She loves to pretend she’s drinking coffee like us. She does her ‘chi ching’ like Théo showed her. It’s so cute.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Name Change!

We can now officially call our baby girl Kyanne!!! I received her certificate of the Change of Name Act. Her official name is Kyanne Berline Cormier. Now we can apply for her Canadian Citizenship. J

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pics from last few days

Sliding Party in Memramcook with the cousins! Kyanne did not want to slide but she had fun.

 Eating pizza and garlic fingers after a fun afternoon in the snow.

 Kyanne and Théo at Winners!
 Trying on new hats for Jamaica!
 Sister fun!
 Kyanne and Théo having lunch after a fun morning swimming.
 Liette and the little ones out for a walk.

 Anabelle and Kyanne out on the beach. Can't wait to see the sand...
Mémére is so happy that Kyanne ate some steak... yuck LOL!

Playdates playdates playdates...

I’ve never been so busy in my entire life! Kyanne has a busier schedule than I ever had. We are already getting ready to go meet her friends for playdates. I am having so much fun being on parental leave. I have to keep an agenda because I could not remember who we are meeting, at what time and where!!!

Today was so much fun! We had 2 playdates and we hosted a dinner. Kyanne was out to lunch before 8pm. We started our morning with our yoga session like usual. Kyanne seems to be doing more now. She will try different moves and gets all excited when she can do them on her own. Daddy brought Sam and Geroge with him this morning so it was really just the 2 of us. We had a great time getting ready. I had a few places to go this morning to get ready for our dinner date with Théo and Liette. When we were done running around, we stopped for lunch at Calactus with Chantal and Maika. Well last week, Kyanne stayed in her high chair for 1 hr ½ but today was different story. She did not stop running around the restaurant, sitting on me, chair next to me, high chair, spilling glasses of water, running in the kitchen... Oh well! I’ll be able to relax in a restaurant in a few years I guess LOL! Once we were done, we made our way to Crystal Palace to try a few rides. Kyanne never went to an amusement park before. I was not sure what to expect, but she did great. She loved the rides. Funny that mommy got all dizzy after going on the horses LOL! I used to love going on the zipper ride and now I can’t even do a kiddy ride. What happened to me??? Am I getting old? I bet I was only having an off day LOL! Before going home to get ready for our next playdate with Théo, we stopped at Chapters for a coffee (Starbucks) and played for a while until I Kyanne started to rub her eyes and took out her thumb. I am so happy that Kyanne and Maika are getting along. When I was young, I was so close with my cousins. They were the sisters I never had. I hope Kyanne can have the same relationship with Maika as I had with my cousins.

On our way back, Kaynne fell asleep right away in the car and slept for a good hour in our bed before Théo arrived. Kyanne was not really in the mood to play yet when Théo arrived. She wanted some cuddle time with mommy. When I saw that she was not being herself and did not want to play, I thought we could go for a walk next door to see daddy. He was at mononcle Pierre’s house. It did the trick! She was really happy to see daddy and it made her smile. She misses him when he’s not around. We then came home and had an hour of fun before we had dinner. It’s so much fun to see them together. They act like brother and sister. We are so blessed to have each other. I cannot imagine being on parental leave without Liette. As I was preparing dinner, I took out some cheese, olives, bread and wine like the good old days!!!

For a week that I had absolutely no plans... we didn’t stop! Tomorrow, I am getting ready for Kyanne. I want to spend some time doing what she wants to do. I want to relax and just be still!!!