Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion Show

This evening, I got her to try on the clothes I bought for her and the ones she got from her cousin Maika. I had two full bags and she tried them all. She was spinning just like a model LOL! I guess she’s a real girly girl! She absolutely adored the sandals I got for her.

This evening, she was playing with her sisters. She was playing with her doll. It was too cute to see her. At 20 months, she already has a motherly instinct that she has to care for the baby. She was giving her the bottle, gave her a kiss on the cheek while she was rocking her to sleep. Such a difference from 3 months ago. She was trying to poke that same doll’s eye with the bottle. When it was time to go to bed, she wanted to bring the doll. I could sense trouble! As I expected, she wanted to continue to play with the doll. I pretended to leave, but she started crying. I thought she would just keep on playing but no, she wanted mommy in the room. I told her that the doll needed to go to bed as well. She kissed the doll good night and I turned around to put her on her changing table for the night. When I turned back around, she was hanging ready to jump out of her crib. Both feet were hanging on the railing ready for a dive!!! This is not good. This means she is possibly ready for the next step. What is the next step??? Right now I sleep on a single mattress with her on the floor of her room. She is really comfortable with me. Last night, she woke up 3 times, however she did not cry. She got me to turn around on my back and she lay on top of me. It’s so not comfortable, now that she is getting bigger but I don’t mind one bit. I just love having her so close to me. I made sure I pushed the mattress by her crib in case she decides to climb out. Hopefully it was a onetime thing and we can leave her crib for a while. J

This week we noticed that she is saying more words now. When we dress her, she will say sweater, pants, shoes, slippers, boots, and jacket etc... all in FrenchJ. It’s amazing how children learn. I just can’t get over it.

Loves the Mall!!!

Stormy day! I thought for sure we were going to stay in our pj’s all day and relax! To my surprise, daddy said he was going to Moncton to get a few things for work and he could bring Kyanne and I and drop us off at the mall. Did I hear mall??? He gave us an hour to get ready. Mommy did not waste one minute LOL!

I was so proud of my little girl today! She sat in her stroller for almost 2 ½ hours without saying boo! I was trying in clothes and everything. I love shopping with her. I now know that if I am with her alone, she will stay calm and listen to me. We did not even stop for lunch. We grabbed something to eat at Timothy’s and continued our shopping day. J

She even fell asleep in the stroller after a while. I told her it was ok to close her eyes and she listen to me. What a smart girl. While she was sleeping, daddy came to meet us. As soon as she woke up and saw him, she was not the same. She wanted to get out. I guess she wanted to stretch her legs.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sliding Party

Where did the storm go? Today we were expecting a snow storm and we got nothing. My cousin invited us for a sliding party. They have a great big hill behind their house. Victor wanted to go to Moncton to get a few things this morning, but I decided to stay home to make sure Kyanne had a nice nap before we headed for Memramcook. I packed the pantry this morning. Yes! He finished it and it’s all ready to be used.

When I realized Kyanne was not eating her lunch, I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she knotted her head saying yes. It was that simple. I washed her little hands and face. I was able to lay her down in our bed right away and she did not say a word. Her tiny little eyes closed and off she went in dream land.

We had so much fun at Janel’s. Kyanne did not want to go down the hill but she kept busy walking and watching all the other kids go down. Mommy tried to go down a few times but Kyanne was crying so hard that it made me sad. I think she thought I was leaving her. I had to stay on top of the hill with her. I guess we’ll have to wait for next year to go down and have fun.

Kyanne had a wonderful time with all her cousins. She was running all over the house laughing. I enjoy watching her with other children. She will play for a while and then she comes looking for us. It’s so cute!

I got her in her pj’s before we left and she was sound asleep in the car. Let’s pray she will sleep through the night so mommy can have a great night. This morning daddy was supper nice and let me sleep till pass 9 am. I needed to rest so badly. Kyanne hasn’t been sleeping well lately, even if I am in her room with her. I think she’s dreaming a lot and it wakes her.

I’ll post some pics later.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

JAMAICA here we come!

Well we are all set to go to Jamaica at the end of March! We'll be staying at the RIU Negril. I can’t wait. My cousin, her husband and their children are coming along, maybe her sister and her husband as well. They are not confirmed yet but I’m sure they are going to come. It’s going to be so much fun. Beach, sun, no cooking or cleaning for a week! I can’t ask for more. It’s going to be so much fun.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Kyanne and I got ready to meet my cousin at the travel agent and decided to have lunch with them first. Kyanne and her cousin Maika stayed in their high chair for an hour ½ without saying boo! We got to the travel agent did our thing and Kyanne started to be a little demanding. I knew she was tired. It was perfect because she would sleep on the way back, have a nice supper and be ready for the social worker to do our post placement report. Did it work out that way??? Not at all! She did not sleep one bit on the way home. She was too tired to even have supper. At that point, it was 5pm and he sw was coming at 6. I was not going to put her to bed and wake her up in less than an hour.  It was chaos!!! The sw was laughing. She said, yup, that’s a typical tired little girl. Kyanne wanted to stay in my arms, but she did not want me to sit down. She lasted a half hour and we put her to bed to be able to continue or meeting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday was oposite of Saturday...

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday. The day honestly felt like it lasted 3 full days and nights. Kaynne was extremely hyper. I think she was trying to get out of her skin.  For some reason, when Victor and I are with Kyanne, she acts differently. She cries, creams, and throws herself on the floor for no reason. I don’t know if she’s trying to get our attention at the same time??? Usually, when Victor arrives, I try to slip out of the room and do a few things but it never works. We went to Winners and grocery store and we went straight home. At Winners, the men’s section is on one side and the women on the other. Well Victor could hear her from the men’s section like if she was standing beside him. At one point, she did not want me to push the cart! She was screaming but I could not move??? What is that??? As soon as she saw daddy, then he could ride the cart. Not mommy! It’s so strange. If I am with her alone, she won’t say a word.

With all that going on and my morning not starting too good to begin with, I felt kind of empty. Last week when I went for a Reiki session, she told me I needed to be shown or told that I was loved. She said you are craving it... I did not realize it until Sunday. I really felt empty. I think I was missing my dad. While I was sitting by Kyanne’s bed to get her to sleep, she got up like her usual routine. I thought she was going to do some yoga moves but no, she got up, reached her hands towards me with a great big smile and gave me the most amazing kiss and hug! My baby girl knew that her mommy needed to be loved!!! I love her so much. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perfect Day!

I’ve been waiting for this perfect day for a long time. It started out as our typical morning.  Mommy did not sleep well during the night so she stayed in bed for an extra half hour while daddy went downstairs with the queen of bananas! Kyanne came in bed with us early during the night and had nightmares for the most part. At one point she even hit us both in the face with her feet. I decided to bring her back in her room and we slept on the mattress on the floor. I managed to get a few hours sleep thankfully.

We packed up all morning to spend the day at the camp. We invited Liette and Théo so we were really looking forward for another wonderful playdate. Now I know why my mom used to complain when we were going to the cottage when we were young. There’s a lot of packing when you leave for the day with young ones.

We had an amazing time. Théo and Kyanne were pleasant most of the time. LOL! I think Liette and I realized that we are both really active and we would like our little ones to be able to follow us. It’s sort of not working that way right now. Kyanne doesn’t really like to go for long walks in the stroller or even be pushed on the slide. Théo was really good. He didn’t say a word. He was making funny faces to make us laugh. After our walk, both Kyanne and Théo went indoors in front of the wood stove to warm up with Victor while Liette and I stayed at the fire outside. A big gray cloud covered us and it stared snowing. It was just a magical. Like we were saying, next year, they will like staying by the fire outside roasting hot dogs... L I hope Kyanne will eat my veggie hotdogs hahah!

Margo, my cousin and her niece Maika and nephew Kael came to join us for a barbeque with 2 more dogs. We had a full house!

No radio, tv and clocks at the camp and our cells were in the car. That was just a perfect day! When I have days like this, I wish I could just pause so it could last forever. I am very grateful to have wonderful family and friends that I get to spend quality time with.

I did not even have to stay in Kyanne’s room tonight. I changed her and she went straight in her bed and off she went.

Tomorrow will mark the 3 year anniversary that my dad passed away. If he would still be alive, he would have been at the camp with us today, but I know he was there is spirit and made this day the perfect day for us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Permanent Residence Card was in the mail today!

We’re going to Jamaica, We’re going to Jamaica!!! Yahoo!!! I was some excited this morning when I saw a letter from CIC. Now we just need to wait for my cousin to confirm the dates they can come and we’ll be able to book our trip. J

Today we spent the morning at my moms. We went for a long walk at the camp. It honestly felt like late spring. It was 9 degrees in my car. We came home early to get ready for another play date. My high school friends came over this evening. Gisele brought her daughter that is the same age as Kyanne. I should not say high school friends because we’ve all been friends since kinder- garden. It’s so much fun to talk about the good old days. It feels like just last week we were having our sleep overs. So many good memories.  It’s fun to have girls nights like that once in a while. I am looking forward for our next one.

First date!!! Happy Valentine's

Kyanne and I baked cookies for valentine. They were supposed to look like hearts but I think we failed.  Once again, I realized that Kyanne is too young to be baking. Too much of a mess. I turned around for a second and she had 2 eggs in her hands. Luckily I was able to grab them before they landed on the floor.

Last night for the first time, my husband and I went on a date for Valentine’s!!! We didn’t confirm till the last minute because I was sure I was going to back out. I realized that I had to do it sometime. I desperately wanted to have a nice site down meal that someone was actually going to serve me and not have food thrown at me or someone putting food in my mouth that I did not like. I asked Renée and Chris to come over to stay with Kyanne because I was not sure if Nicole was going to work overtime or not. All was going according to plan. We left in the morning to go on another play date with Liette and Théo at My Gym, Kyanne slept on the way back. I was very brave yesterday. I even left her with daddy for a couple of hours to go for a Reiki session. When I got back all relaxed and happy, daddy announce that Renée called and they were going to come and pick up Kyanne and bring her to Shediac for a drive to see Chris’s mom. Ouff! I felt like I got hit by a train. My heart was pounding and I felt like I had a potato stuck in my throat. I did not know what to say... I took my 2 weeks to finally decide to go out for a few hours and leave her home; but for her to leave to house without me. Not ready for that. I took a few deep breaths and came to my senesces and realize they were only going to Shediac, not even 15 minutes away and they were coming back. They were not brining her to Hong Kong for a month!!! I called Renée and told her it was ok, but I didn’t want them to come and pick her up before we were leaving. It was really strange, watching Renée leave with my baby bag and Kyanne waving bye to us. L

On our way to the resto, I had shape pain in my abdominal and still had a nervous feeling. I need to get a grip I guess! I know she was fine. She absolutely adores her sister Renée and Chris. On our way there, I even checked in the McDonald’s parking lot... making sure they did not bring her there for supper. LOL!

We had the best food ever! We were there for a good 3 hours. We laughed and laughed all night long. It was nice to be able to talk to each other without one of us running around trying to wipe her nose or stop her from eating dog food. After a few glasses of wine, the stomach pain went away. Mommy and daddy both texted Renée to see how they were doing. We could not get our minds off her all evening. We were always talking about her and showing pictures to everyone. Even if she was the hot topic of the evening, it still felt good to relax and enjoy each other’s company. For our valentine’s gift, we are treating each other to a massage on Friday. Can’t wait!!!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

More playdates

Super great morning! Kyanne slept all night till 6 am in her bed. She only cried (not even cried just dreaming I think) twice during the night and she went back to sleep. I brought her in our bed at 6 and she slept hugging me. When she does that, I can’t sleep because it feels so good. J When she woke up just before 8am, she had the most amazing smile and gave us a great big kiss on the mouth. So precious!!!! I wish every morning were like that!

What does it mean when you put your child in pyjamas that don’t fit... does it mean you don’t have any bigger size or you just don’t want to admit she’s growing??? My husband said he was going to go shopping if I don’t put her in bigger size pyjamas. The bottom part is almost at her knees.  I want to enjoy her being little for as long as I can;  And yes I have lots of 24 months size pyjamas... J

I’ve seen it all! I come downstairs from changing Kyanne and what do I see!!! Victor watching the Mommy Show hahaha! I started laughing out loud and Kyanne joined me. He said it was pretty interesting. J
Who will win the Tug a war with the giraffe??? ... George sort of stoll Kyanne’s giraffe this morning. When Kyanne realized what was going on, she wanted the giraffe back. George was holding on to it tightly with his paws and Kyanne was screaming and pulling real hard trying to win her stuffed animal back. Mommy had to come to the rescue and rescue the giraffe and gave them each a treat to calm down.

 Maika was taking Kyanne for a ride.
 Watching famous  Cornemuse!
 Where are we going now mommy???

Confirming last details with Théo for their playdate LOL!

Sam and George taking over Kyanne's stuffed toys.

Famous Sponge! She's starting to like Kyanne more and more. She comes out of her hiding place more often now.  I think she’s enjoying the treats!

Playdate at the mall with Liette and Théo.

Today Liette and I went to the mall so our little ones could burn some energy. Too cold to do anything else. No chance in hell, I will be able to shop while Kyanne is not in her stroller. She was running around in the stores throwing sweaters all over the place. When Théo had enough, he did not mind sitting down in his stroller to relax. To the contrary, my sweet Kyanne decided she would just scream and run around tired. She just doesn’t stop.
I don’t think I would have won mother of the year today.  As it was so cold today, I rushed to get her stroller out of the car and ran in the mall. Needless to say, when we were in the line-up at lunch hour to order our subs... I took my hands off the stroller and the stroller fell on the floor while Kyanne was in it. I had my baby bag on the handles. Because I had not put it together correctly outside, it could not take the weight of the bag and flipped on the ground. I thought I was going to die. Kyanne was fine. She did not hurt herself. It was a smooth landing. While we were ordering lunch.

You all wonder why I have the winter blues???

This is my front yard... I got home and they ice is piling up in front of our house. I see a huge piece of ice and all of a sudden it’s gone... I feel like we are living in North Pole! I’ve never been there but when I watch Santa movies during Christmas, that’s what it looks like. I need to go where its warm and I can put my toes in the sand.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Storm weekend

I had my first moment Friday night… I gave Kyanne her bath right after her supper because our friends were coming over for a late supper and a few drinks. We used to do our Friday nights rituals almost every week and since we got Kyanne, it’s the first time they come over for supper. I think I was too excited and forgot to put her dipper on LOL! Luckily Nicole was playing with her and realized before she had an accident.

This week, we drove to Saint-John my other naturopath that does muscle testing. I had an appointment for all of us. I wasn’t sure how Kyanne was going to take it but it was ok. He could do the testing while she was in my arms using my arm. I am at ease now that she went and he assured me that she does not have any parasite, viruses... She’s a perfect healthy baby girl. It was almost a 2 hr drive and Kyanne did great. Her DVD player broke when we were still home. I wasn’t sure how we were going to managed but we sang and played peek-a-boo.

Other than that it was a pretty quite week. We had a play date with her cousin Maika and went to see grand-ma.

Last night we had a storm night. We stayed home and watched a movie. Kyanne went to bed early but the wind did not help us at all. I think I saw every hour. Unlike every night, when I brought her in our bed to sleep, she wanted to play. After an hour, I brought her back in her room and we slept on the single mattress on the floor. I got an hour of rest at least. When daddy got up, he brought her downstairs and I stayed in bed until she came to wake me up saying “ Hello”!!! How could I stay in bed with my little girl calling for me. J

It felt so great today when I saw that Kyanne was getting sleepy before lunch and I was able to get her to fall asleep for a nap. I tried to lay down beside her for a while trying to nap as well but I am too hipper. I just can’t sleep during the day. All I do is think of what I need to do... might as well just get up and do it LOL!

We showed Kyanne her photo album of GLA and she was all amazed. Her eyes were just so focused on the pictures. I kind of had the feeling that she remembered... I think I am going to get a large digital screen and put all the pictures of Haiti on it so she can look at them.

Oh and thank you for the comments for CIC blog. I called and I do need a visa for Kyanne if we would go to Disney in the US. I called the Jamaican Consulate in Ottawa and she doesn’t need one to go Yahooo!!! We’re going to Jamaica!!! ... I think... J I think I have my husband convinced at 75% now heheh.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bonding Time

Yes I can say it out loud with confidence that my baby girl mastered the “bonding with mommy” phase. This morning, we went on our playdate with Théo and Liette at My Gym. We were able to see a difference from last week. They seemed more at ease trying out new activities. It’s so cute to see their faces when they see each other. They will make their ways to touch each other and usually, Kyanne will lean forward and give Théo a kiss. So cute!!!
We had a nice lunch at Liette. On my way home, I was thinking of our coffee breaks at work before we had our little bundles of joy! At the end we were just staring at each other not saying a word. We were desperately waiting for Kyanne and Théo to come home. Now... we can’t even have a decent conversation without being interrupted. Liette said she was going to start marking down what she wants to talk about because every time we see each other, we forget what we wanted to tell each other LOL! Our lives have changed so much but we are so enjoying it! I would not trade it for a million dollars.
While Liette and I were trying to eat our lunch after we had fed them, Kyanne came to me and wanted to be in my arms. As soon as I put her in my arms, she made herself comfortable as if she wanted to sleep. That was really strange. She is usually not like that. She’s like her mama! She will keep on going until she hits rock bottom. I put her down to play and she wanted to be in my arms. We finished our playdate short so I could bring her home to go to bed. She fell asleep right away in the car. For the first time... I was able to take her out of the car and get her to continue her sleep in our bed. I was in the middle of my yoga downstairs and I hear her cry. I ran upstairs and she had her arms up ready for me to take her. I tried to lie down beside her like usual but this time she wanted mommy. Mommy decided to get all comfy and fulfil her need. She slept on my chest for a good hour holding me tight. I did not move. I watched her sleep and felt so happy that I could comfort her. I don’t think she was sick or anything. I think she just needed her mommy. For me, this was the best feeling ever.
 Kyanne did the cutest thing this evening. Her daddy was still working on my pantry, lying down with some kind of tool. Don’t ask me why he was on the floor but he was...Kyanne laid down beside him and leaned over to give him a great big kiss. It was so special. She had missed him so much all day and wanted to show him how much she loved him.
Doggy update: well they are not getting any thinner. Since Kyanne is home, they are getting lots of left over’s. Sam is getting a bit round now. I guess I’ll have to watch her and give her less food.  They seem to have accepted that Kyanne is not a visitor. She is here to stay! I think sometimes, Sam wishes she would disappear. She has a new game now. She runs around with her little play stroller and try to run over Sam. Poor Sam is getting old and she doesn’t like intense games like that. George on the other hand loves the game. She will run around in the kitchen and get run over by the stroller.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Blues…

Well I finally got my winter blues. I thought that I would skip a year because we just got Kyanne, but it hit me last week. I want to go down south!!! I always thought that we could not take Kyanne out of Canada before she becomes a Canadian Citizen but to my surprise, I called Citizenship and Immigration Canada and they said she can travel as soon as she gets her Permanent Residence Card!!! Youpiiiii. They said she can travel with the copy we received at the airport; however we would need to go to Canadian Embassy in the country we would be traveling to get authorization to bring her home. Too complicated for me. I called Citizenship and Immigration Canada 3 times to find out when she would get her card and all they can tell is that it’s not done.

My plan was that we were going to Disney, and then realized she was too young and there’s no beach. I really want to go out west to see my brother in Edmonton and my cousin in Victoria BC but the same. I think it’s too much for her right now. If we go there, I want to travel and see stuff. I think my itinerary would be too overwhelming for her and my husband LOL! I sort of got realistic the other day and realized that with a 20 month old child... I won’t be able to stay on top of my daily schedule and run everywhere.

Reality right now would be to go to Fort Lauderdale in Florida or Jamaica!!! Victor is still saying we are not going anywhere this year but I am saying we are... Hopefully I will win!

To get things more interesting, we went out for our Niece, Melanie Morgan. Our town was having a ceremony for her this afternoon to honour her in her achievements in her signing career. Kyanne was running in front of the stage dancing while she was signing with her band. Guess who was sitting in the front row? Hon. Dominic LeBlanc, Member of Parliament for Beauséjour! He was watching her run around and realized she was our daughter. He came to talk to me after the show to congratulate us. He remembered I had gone to see him after the earthquake to see if he could help us out in any way for our adoption. While we were doing small talk, I decided to pull a Sylvie LOL! I told him I wanted to travel this winter with her since I am on leave, but Citizenship and Immigration Canada seem to be slow to send her PRC. He asked when we were traveling and then said he had a number he could call to get things moving...

Well guess what I did when I got home? I sent him the information he needed. J We’ll see if he can do some magic and get her card so we can travel!!!

Nap time

Wednesday, we had our first official storm. We were home bound so no drive for nap time... what was mommy going to do??? Well it was hell! From 12:30 to 3 ish, I tried to get her to sleep and I failed. I failed miserably. I had NO patience left at all. Liette has a routine now and Théo is actually napping. Hurray for mommy!!! I wanted to do the same but I just can’t do it!!! It’s really frustrating. I usually get what I want but with my little Kyanne, She’s as stubborn as me.

Kyanne watching her favorite DVD... Cornemuse

 Yoga sessing about to begin!

I did it! Friday, I managed to get Kyanne to fall asleep in our bed for a nap without pulling my hair out! I was massaging her forehead and nose and she fell asleep in a few minutes. I was so proud of myself. I made sure there were enough pillows around her so she could not fall and tiptoed downstairs to relax. She slept for a good hour and a half. All of a sudden I heard little footsteps upstairs. I ran to the staircase and there she was at the gate with a big smile.   

 Outside playing after the storm.
 Kyanne was hungry when we got home from grocery shopping and decided to eat my baguette.

Saturday we spend the day at the camp. It was so nice walking in the trail with the beautiful snow in the trees. I think I over did it with the dogs, when we went to my mom for supper, Sam went straight to the couch and did not move. Poor girl is getting old. They had so much fun running in the powered snow.
 With daddy at the camp.
 Testing out my new helmet.
 Not really enjoying my sliding experience.
Today was a day to try out new things. We brough Kyanne at a hill nearby to slide. She did not like the idea at all. We tried a few runs but all she kept on saying was NO NO NO! We finally took the hint and brought her home. Her little cousins were having fun, but I guess Kyanne is just not ready. This evening, we went skating. I think she enjoyed it. She liked it when daddy and Chris were pushing her. Poor girl must be asking herself what are all these new activities they are making me do in this cold! Oh and let’s not forget that I was able to get her to nap this afternoon without going for a drive. Hurray for mommy! J

This weekend, Kyanne was waking up with the most beautiful smile lying down between us. She comes on my side to cuddle and gives me a kiss, touches my cheeks and then goes to see daddy, climbs on top of him and gives him a big hug. She is just too loveable! I can’t stop thinking about the first few weeks when she came home, all new to her and now she’s one of us!
For the second time now, Kyanne brought my slippers over to me in my bed. She can’t talk all that much but she sure gets her point across and gets what she wants. Mommy got up and we went to get her banana as soon as we walked in the kitchen.