Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh My God… When there a will, there a way to get her done!

Today, October 21, 2009 started as a typical day. Still supper busy at work and getting things ready to go do a demo in Fredericton tomorrow. On top of trying to get everything organized, I had to remember to get Victor to go sign the last papers at the lawyer and call Dept. Of Social Welfare in Fredericton to make sure I was sending the correct envelops for our dossier. She replied right back to my email with the details that I wanted. On top of that she made a side note to make sure all our translated documents were all signed. I was flipping!!! I honestly thought it was the end. At that moment, I felt that I just couldn’t go on. This was actually the last email I read before my drive picked me up from work. All I was thinking at this point is that the 5 copies my sister in law did for me today would be a complete waste. I just wanted to stop and cry. After a few minutes, I got back to reality and remembered that I was not giving up. I made an action plan and realized that I would only need to get my translator to sign 3 documents because they were the only docs that needed to be translated. It’s funny how at first I had made a mountain out of this pill of papers LOL!

Once I got home, Nadine arrived with my complete dossier. This is surly not going to fit in an envelope. I will add a picture soon of the stack of papers. It’s going to cost me a fortune to send that to Haiti. It might be cheaper for me to buy a plan ticket and bring it there myself. I wish I could do that but I was told NO!
Today I was emailing my friend Melissa back and forth about the adoption and she advised me to call the orphanage to see what was going on. At first I was kind of hesitating but decided to call. I called a few times around supper time but got disconnected and could not hear a thing. It’s really frustrating trying to call Haiti. Around 8pm, I decided to try again. After a few minutes I got through. I had not talked to Chris for a few months and she remembered who I was. It felt good. She said there were 2 potential girls for us. One that is already 2 years old and the other is only 7 months old. The 2 year old one would be easier because the 7 month old one is in progress with another adoptive family. If they decide to continue looking, we would be the next available family. I am trying to not get too excited at the moment until I can get more concrete information. I will defiantly update as soon as I have something. I told Chris that we would not go to the November family visit since we are not matched with a child at the moment. She said that we should see each other in February!!! I so hope and pray for this to happen.

Good night all!

Oh and if you are reading Angele, I am suppose to travel to Hali next week. Either on Wed or Thurs night. I will let you know once my travel is approved. If you feel up for it, we could meet after work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burst of energy today!

Today, October 20th 2009 was a really productive day. I felt a high of energy all day long. To start off, my day at work was awesome. I accomplished a lot. When I get days like that, I usually head to the mall and go buy something new. Indeed I did. I go tops at RW&CO and a dress at Dynamite and a few accessories to go with them. I was able to build an application in 3 days that would have taken me forever last year to do. It can’t believe how much my knowledge has grown doing what I am doing now at work. I started off by just playing around and figuring out new technology and now I am able to build apps. It’s so cool! After work I went to get our adoption paperwork at our lawyers. Victor did not come with me so there is one document left at his office that Victor has to go and sign in front of him. The Power of Attorney forms. I was able to bring the rest home. My sister in-law is going to make the photocopies for us tomorrow so I should have everything ready to be sent out to Fredericton by Thursday. I think I am getting back into the groove of things.

I think my caffeine high could be the effect of me wanting to continue to write on my blog tonight. I went for a coffee with a friend of mine that is also adoption. She is in the middle of her home study right now. I am really looking forward for her dossier to be ready to leave for Haiti as well. It will be a big celebration when both our files leave NB…
On the family side of things, it’s just great. Now that summer done, everyone’s schedule is a lot less busy and we spend a lot of time at home. I really enjoy having the girl’s home and spending quality time together. I’ve even been trying to make family meals for supper so we can all sit together after work. I kind of need some work on that one because I am not your traditional cooking wife. Everything I eat is organic and vegetarian. I’ve been trying to make a few meals a week that the rest of the family will eat.

That’s it for tonight folks! Have a good one.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My monthly update

Another month has flown by and there was still no advancement in our adoption stuff. To make a long month short, I brought our paper work to our lawyer at the beginning last week of September to have everything notarized and I will be picking them up tomorrow. Assistant on vacation for 2 weeks, wait a week to call and then papers are ready but lawyer is on vacation. I’m telling ya, our whole adoption journey is running around everyone’s vacation schedule. I know everyone deserves vacation time but not when it’s affecting my life LOL! Just kidding. So tomorrow I will have our completed dossier in my hands. Still not the end because I still have to make 5 copies of everything. After that, I will be sending everything to our Fredericton office, the off to Ottawa to get a signature, back to Fredericton and then should officially be sent to HAITI!!!!

Really an odd feeling but I remember that feeling when we got the email that our dossier was leaving for Ghana. It was quite the excitement. Hopefully this time it will be more than just an email. We have to believe that everything happened for a reason and our little girl will eventually find her way in our home.
At the same time as my dossier is getting ready to leave for Haiti in a few weeks, I got an email today for Imagine- Ghana update. Ted (lawyer hired for Imagine Case) has completed his report on the Ghana program. He has passed along his report to the board members. Even if I am not going with Ghana anymore, I am still concerned for the families that are still fighting to bring their children home. I am praying real hard for things to work out.