Friday, February 5, 2010

Being sick in not really a bad thing after all

I guess I can’t take too much of the positive, I’m on a mission…
Tuesday evening, I started to feel sick. I finally caught Victor’s flu. I’m usually immune to his flu’s but this time, I think my body was so drained that it got me. Well actually, when you are done reading my blog, you will see that I was sick for a reason. So technically, it doesn’t count as really being sick LOL. It was all planned out by my angles.

This is how it all started… Tuesday Feb 2, 2010 for lunch, I met my friend Christina. We went to eat at Pastalli. I came in all worked up. I was telling her how I was told that I should consider another Country to adopt from because god only knows when Haitian adoption will re-open. I was like… hello, there are twice many orphans now in Haiti. I do realize that there is no infrastructure and they have to wait to see if the children have parents or family still alive, but don’t tell me that there won’t be any true orphans for 4 years. That just isn’t happening. She was giving me advice and said, you should call Shaun Graham’s office to see what they can do for you. So lunch went on and came home to a huge head ache. I was really starting to feel the flu coming down on me.

Wednesday, Feb 4, 2010, stayed home sick. I had my BB, Iphone and home phone by my bed incase, CIC, or someone would call me for adoption news. Can you tell that I am a little bit obsessed? Anyways, the phone rings and picked up in a rush like there was a fire in the house. It was about 10:40 am the voice on the other end says ‘hello, this is Shaun Graham’ I said WHO???? He repeated his name again. I repeated his name as well thinking that I was really sick and I was dreaming of what I have to do today. People that don’t know who he is, he’s the NB Premier. So for a long story short… he called the wrong number and I took the opportunity to tell him our story. He said he would get someone from his office to call me back to look into our case. The next day, his executive assistant called me for more info and said she will make some calls for us. Today, Friday, February 05, 2010, she called back to let us know that we would not get in the pill of new applicants and as soon as we see some movement in Haiti with adoptions, our dossier would be sent there. She said that for the people that have their entire dossier approved, we defiantly won’t be treated as new applicants.

So I guess being sick this week was not really a bad thing. I got someone else looking after us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We need to put a stop to what UNICEF is doing.

If you have gone this far to read my new post, please take the time to read what has been posted on the site of the orphanage in Haiti that I am dealing with. It's really sad to see that God's Littlest Angels O. has opened up their arms to the newly orphans and UNICEF is sending them to tent cities. This is just aweful.

Please do what you can to spread out the word and stop them.

On a Mission

February 2, 2010 – DAY 2 of my MISSION

Got email back from a friend from, SK saying “Basically, now it is up to the provinces to let us proceed and then I believe our names will be added to their list of Canadians in process. I am not certain, but anyway, they said our provinces should be aware that we are allowed to proceed.

I couldn't find the press release anywhere, but I did find this article, which briefly mentions that the prime minister is allowing adoptions to proceed for any that were started before the earthquake.”

Now I am on a MISSION. I am going to make sure that OUR NAMES are on that list. Before I call my provincial rep. I will get my facts in order.
This morning, I called Minister Kenney’s office. It was suggested by the nice guy to call CIC call center and make sure we are in the system. Indeed I did, I called and I am currently on hold. She found our file and said she was going to find out what our status was...
5 minutes after, she was back on the line and said she found our CLIENT ID. YAHOOO! She asked me a few questions to put on file and said that we were in the system and our adoption would get completed. She said you just have to wait for a phone call now from Ottawa to advise when your child will arrive in Canada. I was about to scream but came back to my senses. I explained to her again that we did not have a match yet. She said we’ll try to contact your orphanage and see if you can send your dossier to them as soon as possible. I did not know how to proceed with this. Who was I going to contact, Jean, Dixie or Stephanie? What the hell, I am going to try them all 

Started off by sending an email to Stephanie, got her out of office. Sent another one to Dixie and sent her the same message on FB. I then decided to call Jean myself in Colorado and see what she has to say. We had a nice chat. Long story short, she said there were probably 20 applications in front of us that are already at the O without a referral. She said it would be awhile before IBSER and all that be up and running again to approve our dossier. I told her that I was aware that they can’t just put up the children for adoption that are going to be going to the orphanages because of lost parents etc. However I asked her what will happen to the children that the parent’s themselves are going to be signing off for adoption. She said let me talk to Dixie and see what she says if we would get your dossier shipped to our Colorado office and have (can’t remember the name) bring it down to the O when he goes down. She said she will get back to me.

Conclusion: Today was not too bad. I did accomplish lots today! Got our names at CIC and have a Client ID. I’m back in business.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to my positive fighting mood.

Just found another inspiration other than Bon Jovi LOL! Martin Latulippe... He’s a motivational speaker and married my cousin. I found his blog this morning and it really made me think. For the English only people reading my blog, I apologies but his blog is in French.

Quoted from his blog : « Arrêtez – On s’en fout! À chaque fois que nous nous trouvons dans un endroit où les gens se plaignent sans cesse de leurs conditions du genre «j’suis fatigué, il n’y a pas d’emploi, il n’y a rien à faire dans la région, il fait froid, y mouille encore, il y a beaucoup de circulation, le stationnement est trop loin, etc.», il serait amusant d’avoir un panneau rouge qui sortirait de nulle part avec l’inscription: «Arrêtez – On s’en fout!» Vous être votre propre discours. Prenez garde à vos mots, ils deviendront tôt ou tard votre réalité. À vous de choisir, car une telle attitude ne vous mènera qu’à un seul endroit dans la vie: le boulevard du surplace! »

« Les seules limites qui existent sont celles que l’on s’impose à soi-même, vraiment »

I was right last night. I have to stop feeling sorry for myself that this journey is so difficult. When my father was alive we were always competing against each other. I can tell you right now that he’s been wining for the past few months. I am back on track and will WIN this fight. Last night I wrote letters to Minister Kenney, Prime Minister Harper, Olivia Chow, Jack Layton and Unicef.