Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Funny things that happened today after work...

Kyanne grabbed her play keys, had her doll under her arm and waved me goodbye. She said “Bye mommy, see you, love you”. I asked her where she was going and she said she was bringing her baby to daycare. I was laughing so hard. She is growing up too fast for me.

While I was preparing supper, she came to me with the dental floss. I stopped what I was doing to go show her in front of the mirror how to floss her own teeth. I walked back in the kitchen to finish what I was doing and realized I could not hear her. Was she in trouble I thought??? I went to check on her and there she was, her hands in Sam’s mouth trying to floss her teeth LOL! Sam had the weirdest look in her eyes... I think she wanted to bark for help, but she had a long string in her mouth!

If you would see me go in the evenings, you would think I’m on fast forward... I am still trying to do everything myself but I think I will need to slow down at one point. Today for the first time, I had a huge headache a few hours before I was done work. I think the getting up at 5:30 am is starting to get to me. So far I’m managing. Supper is served, laundry is done, house is somewhat presentable and we still get to spend lots of quality time together.

I am happy to report that daddy is now able to put Kyanne to bed. When I was on parental leave, I sort of wanted to be with her all the time and did not really ask for any assistance, but I now think it’s a good time to start taking turns so I can get some stuff done in the evenings. When I’m in her room for a good hour, I no longer have the intention of doing anything else. The first night was not good. She kept crying out my name and I finally gave in and got her sleeping. The second evening it did not even take him half an hour. As I am writing right now, I can hear them talking in her room. He is reading her a bedtime story.

Another funny story... The first night daddy did the bedtime routine, I was sitting quietly listening and I heard daddy say “Kyanne you will have to get up and find the book you want... daddy does not know who Ariel is LOL!  

For the first time today, Kyanne did not cry or whine when I dropped her off or picked her up at daycare. Even in the evening, she would normally whine if I did not give her my full attention, but tonight she was a happy camper. When she got out of the shower, she wanted to stay cuddled up in the towel and play baby. She said she was mommies baby and she was going to sleep in my arms.

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Denise said...

Sorry to hear about your dog... but happy to hear that Kyanne is doing so well. I love you're little stories about her. Having Daddy to bedtime is such a blessing! For everyone involved. My girls still cry when Daddy goes to put them to bed (poor Daddy), but usually when I am out of sight they are fine. And I enjoy having that extra time to myself!