Thursday, September 13, 2012

HE only sends us what we can handle…

2 weeks ago, we lost my very own shadow! We had to saygoodbye to George our dear boxer. All of a sudden, that Sunday evening shestarted having problems breathing. We thought she had eaten something and wastrying to gag but that was not the case. After 3 days at the vet, the endresult was that she has a collapse lung and the air was in her stomach. Shecould not even laydown to rest. I had stayed on the couch with her for 2nights. We could no longer watch her suffer. George was the youngest of ourboxers and had energy like you would not believe. We miss her dearly, but weknow she’s now in a better place and I can bet you that she’s somewhere on abeach playing with those seagulls LOL! Maybe in this new lifetime she’s in, shemight even be best buddies with them…
Kyanne has been asking for her a lot; however Sam has steppedup and is taking over George’s duties. She comes to bed with us when I put herto bed at night and she will stay there all night to watch over her. We borrowDozer a lot, Sam’s brother that lives next door so she doesn’t stay depress onthe couch all the time. The 2 of them are alike. They both like to eat andsleep. I think Sam’s life is going to be a bit more relaxed now.

Having Kyanne in my life, it has helped me get back on trackpretty quickly. I don’t have time to sit down and cry. I am extremely busy. Ichose to remember her for what good she did for us. I told Kyanne that she wasnow her Guide and she will be watching over her.
Yes! I started work again and I am not DEAD yet!!!! It wasnot as bad as I had visualized it. I guess I just didn’t want to get out of mycomfort zone. We’ve had no problem getting up early in the morning so far.Kyanne is very responsive and she follows what I ask her to do. I don’t want torush her to much but we are making the best at getting ready quickly.

Coming home is the fun part! I can’t reach her day care fastenough to bring her home. I had a scenario picked out in my head that we wouldget home and it would sort of be like the military. Have to do everythingquickly so we don’t run out of time sort of thing but it’s the total opposite.We get home and we have FUN! I make sure I give her some fruits so she doesn’tstarve and off we go to the beach with Sam or go play in her swing set. I don’trush to get supper ready. I realized that I am not one to prepare the daybefore. I tried it the first day and I failed. I like preparing my food when Iam ready to eat it. Once we stayed outside for a good 45 minutes, we slowly getsupper ready. I really enjoy our evening so far.

On a happy note… Kyanne ate BROCCOLI with me for the firsttime this week. I made my own cheese sauce and she at them all.  (Thank you Liette)!!!!
So all and all, life is good! I think I will survive andlike waking up in the morning and going to work. I’m not saying I like my work,but it will have to do for now.

George… I loved her like she was my child. I still do. Shewas there every time I cried for Kyanne to come home to us. She was there totransition Kyanne in her new forever family. She was there for my parental leave. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to seeus come home. She was a loyal dog. So all that to say… I believe that she hadserved her purpose in this lifetime. Having to come home to George and Kyanneafter a full day at work, it would have been very hard on me to be able to givethem all the attention they need. Sam on the other hand, she is happy to seeus. She will give us big kisses and then do her thing. George was not like thatat all. She needed 100% of my attention. When I was on parental leave, I wasmanaging, but in the back of my mind, I knew that someone would suffer when Iwas going to go back to work. If George did not get the attention she needed,she would have just sat on me or got up on her back legs and tried to hug me toget my attention. For the time being, we will not get another dog. I thinkeverything happens for a reason and this incident happened for a reason. Notbecause we wanted George to leave us, but because it was her time to go. Shewas probably needed somewhere else. Good bye and we miss you dearly!!!!

Oh and Christina! I did not tell you at lunch about Geroge because I didn’t want to cry the whole hour. I knew that I would eventually post it on my blog and you would see it.
 Sam and Geroge last day together.
 Last family photo with George.
 My lovely girls all cuddled up.
 Kyanne trying to eat dog food with George.
 Kyanne's first few weeks at home. She was just getting to know Sam and George.
 George having fun in the sand.
George could not leave mommy alone even when I was sick. She had to find a spot on the couch to be with me.
 Kyanne's first full day at daycare!
Mommy's first day back to work as well...


Joy said...

So very sorry to hear about your sweet George. What a loss, and so sudden.

I am glad your transition back to work has been going well so far, and hope it continues to be a smooth process.

'Jo' said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about George!! I know how tough it is to lose a family pet. We lost our first in December... it was so, so hard.
Thoughts are with you! :)

JulieLeBlanc said...

AH Sylvie... I'M SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS! I hadn't heard about George. You just made me bawl. She was so freaking loveable... My heart hurts for you :o(