Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 3 – Back to work

Honeymoon is over! I really missed my baby girl today at work. All I could think of is her. Will it be like this every day now??? When I pulled in the driveway at daycare, she was standing by the gate waiting for me with her thumb in her mouth and twirling her hair. You should have seen the expression on her face when she saw me running over to her with my harm wide open. I asked the daycare workers if she just stands there and wait for me. They said she starts checking for me when the parents start picking up their children.

George!!! Kyanne has been asking for her all weekend. She told me that George was going to come back and she was going to give her a big huge and lots of kisses. I felt so helpless. We sat down and we talked about George for a bit and I told her that George was her angle now and she is going to protect her. I don’t think Kyanne will forget George... Kyanne really loved her.

Kyanne had a very busy weekend. She had 2 birthday parties. One of them was a little boy that she goes to daycare with. I can’t believe she is already getting invited to friend’s birthday parties at 2 years old.

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Mellissa said...

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